Newest Post: Another Legacy 5.8, April 8, 2023

Whether you’re an old friend or a new reader, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. I have a lot of SimLit stories; you don’t need to read them all today! They’ll be here waiting for you when you return on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea!

What to read today? Generation 5 continues in Another Legacy!

Another Legacy really is another Pinstar Legacy, begun on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2020. Is this the start of a new era? Are we really creating another legacy, and if so, what will it be? Read Another Legacy >>

Goofy Love

Goofy Love is a Pinstar Legacy, completed on Nov. 28, 2015 (open house celebrations posted Jan. 4, 2016). Join Cedar Bough and her descendants as they find love and freedom! Read Goofy Love >>

Armchair hikers and adventurers, this series is for you! Join Maisie Santos as she blogs her journey from the southeast corner of the Sims 4 continent to the northwest corner. Last updated, March 12, 2020. Read Thruhiker >>

Spectrum Banner

Spectrum, an autobiographical series, explores my experiences as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world, who embarks on the process of integrating all those pieces that were snipped, slapped, and shamed out of me. Last updated, September 4. 2019. Read Spectrum >>


Tarot card reader, certified counselor, licensed massage therapist, AHG registered herbalist, accredited life coach, and licensed private investigator, Calliope Twisp does what it takes to help her clients find resolution. Last updated, August 29, 2018.  Read Ten-Cent Tarot >>


Puppy Love is legacy with a twist: The founder is a dog. Many thanks to my online sis, Friendsfan, for suggesting it be called a “dogacy”! I hope you follow along with the story of Bobie the Pomeranian’s puppies, all the way to gen 10. Last updated, August 31, 2018.  Read Puppy Love >>


Lighthouse is the sequel to Septemus, My Son. You should be able to follow and enjoy this story even if you haven’t read Septemus, but if you have, I hope it’s even more enjoyable! Last updated, March 5, 2018. Read Lighthouse >>


Sierra and the S-Boys sprung out of my current fascination with K-pop, specifically, Got7. Well, it’s not K-pop, but it’s S-pop! Last updated, October 14, 2018. Read Sierra and the S-Boys >>


You can find my other uncompleted projects here. I plan to return to continue or finish each, and if you begin them now, you just might be caught up by the time I revisit them! See my other stories >>


Through collaborative projects like Summer Camp and the Blogaversary and challenges like The Wonder Child Challenge and The Room Challenge, I’ve finished a few projects in addition to Goofy Love. Check out my completed works here >>