Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge

Part of LisaBee’s Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge.


This story is set in a lovely build by TheKalinotr0n, Green Home.

Captain’s Christmas

Inspired by a beautiful build, Winter Conservatory by Ra3rei, this novella let me pay tribute to all those wonderful Victorian stories I read as a child: you know, the tales that featured an aging recluse, a homesick child, a wondrously huge house, and lots of cats.

Coming Home: A Holiday Story

This story is also inspired by a beautiful build, Joyeux Noel, by ShannonSimsFan. When I saw the home open house on Shannon’s blog, I knew I wanted to write a story about a family finding Christmas, and each other, in this home. The house is available for download on the The Gallery!

Eight Pieces

Story a Day for May

May is Short Story Month, and I’m giving it a go!