Back when Sims 4 came out in 2014, I felt that it was possible to read almost all the SimLit that was being written. Now, two years later, it’s impossible. There’s just so much good writing, with more being published every day.

If you’re looking for comprehensive lists, you might check MastressAlita’s Stories and Legacies Index on the EA Sims Forums. It’s the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing available, and it’s created and maintained by a professional librarian!

Reading Circles

Reading circles are groups of readers and writers who join together to read each other’s work and to support and encourage each other. If you’re interested in joining a reading circle, come to the Reading Circle thread at the EA Sims Forums, find or create a circle, and sign up!

Here are the stories from the three circles I’m a member of:

Phoenix Puffclaw Logo

The Selected Stories of the Phoenix Puffclaws:

@CharliimaiThe SIMple Life of Una Reign
@DreamsInPixelsSager Short Stories
@friendsfan367The Benders
@MadameLeeThe Swanson Legacy

Work by The Art Commune Reading Circle:

@AdamsEve1231 –  The Krazy Life of Kass
@CathyTea – Thirty Sims for Three Rivers
@friendsfan367 –  The Benders
@InfraGreen – Chains of Lyra
@JLBDreamerThe Last 100 Years
@MedleyMisty –  Surreal Darkness
@rednenemon –  The Racket-Rotter Chronicles (Adult themes and situations, 18+)
@RipuAncestor – The Chrysanthemum Tango

Done and Dusted:

Completed stories by Cathy Tea, Charliimai, Swcheppes, and Sweetnightingale. Please visit the Dune and Dusted thread for the complete list.


Bingeables are those page-turners that are so fun and rewarding to read that I wait until I’m way behind to read them. That way, I get to enjoy a few weeks of reading a single story for half an hour a day, just like a good novel. Here are some of my favorite stories to binge on:

The Wilder/CitizenErased Trilogy:
Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes by CitizenErased14
The Thoreau Legacy by JoieWilder – I suggest reading these three novel-like works together. Start with Dust to Dust, which is chronologically the first (it was completed in Nov. 2015). Then you might want to read Ashes to Ashes and the Thoreau legacy together, as they are inter-related, with character and plot cross-overs.

The Fey of Life by RipUAncestor: June 2016 was such a happy month for me because my morning coffee hour was spent with Fey of Life. This story means so much to me.

Eight Cicadas by InfraGreen (Adult themes and situations, 18+): There’s no other work like this. I love it to dark side of the moon and all the way to Pluto. And back again. I suggest reading this with the equally one-of-a-kind Racket-Rotter Chronicle, by rednenemon. These works share a lot of cross-pollination of ideas and characters.

Ironbound by Munterbacon: Summer of 2015 was my Ironbound summer. I spent so many happy hours lost in that world. I’m waiting for a few more chapters, then I’m heading back.

Sims 2 Uglacy by Candi (the one and only!): It’s back! The classic TS2 Sims you know and love! Candi has brought them back.

Undead with Benefits by Pronterus: Vampires! And, of course, vampire-hunters… It’s a page-turner!

Stories I Keep Up With

Some stories I’ve got to read the moment they come out. The stories-in-progress by the members of my reading circles fit that category, and so do these:

A Penguin’s Adventure in Simming by bbqpenguinwingsTrish: contains Knight Legacy, GTW Vignettes, Dance! Windenburg, and more.

Raerei’s Fortress by raerei: This SimLit and game-related anthology has lots of stories, and I keep up with them all!

Simdale Valley Post by Shannon SimsFan: contains Tesla Family Story and more. I follow the Tesla Legacy.

Truly Curly Disney Legacy by CarovnaMaruska/CharmingMaruska/Truly Curly: Ok. I admit. I fall behind with this one, but it’s very near and dear to my heart, so I try to keep up, and when I don’t, then I’ve got the pleasure of a binge!

Multi-Story Blogs

I love multi-story blogs. Each of these is a gem. by RosemaryMarie: This blog hosts one of my favorite stories, Noble Doubt.

Carewren123’s Sim Stories by Carewren123: contains Ana Pringle, Wren’s Nest, and other amazing stories

Distractedly Daydreaming by Sabreene: Oh! One of my favorites! Check out the Elstree Prettacy and find amazing short stories.

Jes2Gstories by Jes2G: contains Pruett Family Legacy, Discovering Juliana, F.I.S.H., and more addictingly well-written stories

Hirondelle’s Sim Blog by Hirondelle: contains A Disney Legacy and more

Lovesstorms’ Stories by lovesstorms: contains Ramsey Wishacy, There Goes the Neighborhood, and more

MakPlays by MakPlays/Pegasus143: Here you can find After the Wedding, The Dollhouse, incredible short stories, and fascinating fanfic.

MeggSims: Simlit & More: Check out all the great stories at Meggles’ blog!

Ninjapig Sims by eXokamikaze: So much goodness here, including Project L.E.G.A.C.Y. and the home of Ninjapig!)

Rainy Dayz Gamez by RainyDayz179: A Drifter challenge story, a neighborhood rotation, and more, Rainy has a wealth of great stories.

A Rose in Bloom Sims by aroseinbloom: contains the Skinner Saga (completed July 2016) Days In Between, Once Known, and more

Sims Nation, Sims World, All Things Sim by Simslover163: a legacy, a wonderchild, a restaurant story, SimSelf madness, a talk show, and much, much more! This is a treasure chest!

The Sims of Noalyn by Noalyn: presents a legacy and an immigrant challenge. Check it out for great stories!

Simthology by OJenn: contains Memoir Me, Simtropolis, and more. Beautiful visuals, amazing builds and design, fascinating Sims, and moving writing.

SummerFalls’ Stories by SummerFalls: contains the Wonder Child, Part of Me, and more

Vanity High Sim Stories by Vanity High: contains the Ricci Legacy, Ferguson Diaries, and loads more delightful treasures!

More Legacies and Other Stories 

Not all of these stories are currently updated, but they’re all worth reading!

Alien Legacy by agarrett

Around Aleaton by The Storysimmer

Barchester Sims by Simnovoris

The Bloomer Legacy by ThePlumbob

Castellon Legacy by AkramA

The Fate in our Starsze by starzelegacy

Fletcher Legacy by AkramA

Framed Life on Canvas by MartyMor

Gather Ye Rosebuds by Rachel Rosebud

Heffner Legacy by Maladi777

Hella Good by Sunny Shay

Jonathan Chronicles by Judith

Katz in the Cradle by Lynn Rose

Kingson Family by Lux Conant

Legacies of the Sims by RoryGilmore34

The Legacy of Bamboo Girl by BambooGirl

The McEntire Legacy by crzydramaqueen

Millwood by Maisie

Oasis Springs Social Experiment by SimSiren

The Royale Legacy by JordanNicoleJJ

Sims and Such: A SimSelf Legacy  by JordanNicoleJJ

Sloane Legacy by Eddie Sims

Sullivan by Carla

What Are You Even Doing? (A Backwards ISBI) by Seraphaeli/Cyasurai

The Willow’s Way by MartyMore

The Wolff Legacy by FloorRaisin/WhatThePlum

The Vault

These stories are currently on pause or not being continued. They’re still worth reading!

Another Honey Kiss

Bryson Legacy

The Dalton Legacy (an Alphabetacy)

Desert Leaders

The Europa Legacy

A Foster Child Story

From the Ashes

The Handsome Noble Prettacy

A Henry Story

Hot, Flat and out of control

I Promised Forever

Just a Click Away

The Life of Kaydence Whitlock, an ISBI challenge

Love Like a Snail: An Intersex Story

MsPhy’s Sims Stuff

Not-So-Ephemeral Life

The Ridley Legacy

The Robinson Family


Starwing Sims

A Thorny Legacy

The TrollSim Prettacy

The Vellson Legacy

The Washington Legacy

The Winklecheek Legacy

And Some Classics TS2 Stories to  Remind Us of Where it All Started:

The Uglacy by Candi (If you love this, be sure to check out the revived Sims 2 Uglacy by Candi!)

A certain reader anthology (contains an index of classic TS2 challenge stories, including the not-to-be-missed Prettacy by Candi and amazing ROFLs by EphemeralToast)