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This novel is the sequel to Septemus, My Son. It’s not necessary to read Septemus, My Son to follow this novel, though I think it will be more enjoyable if you have.

This story is part of an amazing, creative, inventive collaboration, and I highly recommend you read all the other stories that are part of this. Our plots and characters intertwine. As always, if you’d like to join us in this collaboration, we’d love to have you! Leave a comment here or pop on over to our EA Sims Forum thread.


  1. At the End of the World
  2. The First Truth
  3. The Second Flat Upstairs
  4. All Pent Up
  5. Day Tripping
  6. He’s Who?
  7. The Whole Enchilada
  8. Author’s Notes 1
  9. The Ferry Hestia
  10. Not My Parents
  11. The New Sexy
  12. Bigger than Us
  13. Box of Answers
  14. Morning Joe
  15. Moon Touched
  16. Friends and Strangers
  17. I, Sixty
  18. Ever Welcome
  19. Entrust
  20. Sparks of Dream
  21. Too Early Spring
  22. Magic
  23. Up a Creek
  24. Home, Again
  25. Stay
  26. A Little Help
  27. A Lesson in Natural History
  28. Everyday Seeds
  29. Teko and her Plans
  30. Cookie Jar
  31. The Concertmaster
  32. All Gifts
  33. The Wind is Sick
  34. Name the Sky