Meadow, Wood, Clay: Movement One
In which the families find their new homes.

Prelude: Meadow

Prelude: Glass

Prelude: Wood

Prelude: Iron and Clay

Prelude: Leaf

–>Notes and Thoughts on the Prelude

Andante: A Slow Walk

Andante: Walk On In

Andante: Walk With Me

Andante: Walk to Town

Andante: Elf Walk

Scherzando: Squid

Scherzando: The Uncle

Scherzando: The Aunts

Scherzando: The Old Ones

Scherzando: The Neighbor

Allegro Moderato: In Health

Allegro Moderato: In Love

–>Author’s Gossip

Allegro Moderato: Indeed

Rondo Capriccioso: Jennifer

Rondo Capriccioso: Mikaela

Rondo Capriccioso: Pierce

–>About those last three chapters…

SimSelf Interlude

Freezer Bunny Interlude

Bouree: Gnomish

–>More Gossip

Bouree: Three Wishes

Bouree: Nomdish and Runes

March: Cloud and Pine

March: Musical Chairs

March: In a Pickle

Adagio: Club It, Homestyle

Appassionato: The Wishing Well Man

Appassionato: Blind

Appassionato: White Paper and Cardboard

Appassionato: Two Divided By One