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Sometimes, I just like to let my mind wander. Last updated January 3, 2017. Read Aimless >>


Bonus Shorts contain stand-alone shorter works (short stories and novellas) that don’t fit into particular challenges or series. We launch this section with a holiday novella: Coming Home. Last updated, Dec. 30, 2016. Read Bonus Shorts >>


Follow the surprising adventures of the surprise twins of Cocoa Heish-Pigglewiggle and Cathy Tea. Read Cocoa Tea Kids >>


Can a Sim get by without a home? Jack Bivouac intends to find out. Last updated Dec. 10, 2015. Read Drifter >>


When Henrietta Davida Thoreau makes a fortune writing while staying in her great granduncle’s cabin on Walden Pond, she decides to dedicate the profits to founding a school for orphans. Last updated April 27, 2015. Read Emerson Institute >>


Young CT has always wanted to live in a big old house with all her friends. What happens to her dream when she falls in love? Last updated Dec. 28, 2015. Read A Houseful of Hippies >>


This wordless story paints the life of Silas Raptor, a teen who lives alone on the island off of Windenburg. Last updated, October 6, 2016.  Read Silas >>

Townie Town

Have you ever wondered what a world populated solely by Townies would be like? Come visit Townie Town! Last updated Dec. 17, 2015. Read Townie Town >>


And sometimes, I like to pretend I’m from another planet and then let my mind wander. Last updated May 21, 2015. Read Where I’m From >>


Whisper takes us back to TS3, where we discover in this Sim-driven ISBI that life was not less complicated yesterday. Last updated, December 18, 2016. Read Whisper >>


Wonder follows the life of one Sim, from conception through his final day. Last updated October 8, 2016. Read Wonder >>


Zuki Suzuki came from a place somewhere, sometime else–and now, here she is living with Meadow McCumber and Mizuki Suzuki! Read Zuki Suzuki >>