After Sugar Maple Bough’s act of supreme self-determination, I have a new personal prime directive for game-play which means that I won’t interfere with the life choices of the Sims’ on my hard-drive. I had written a short story for the August Short Story Challenge on the EA Forums, which has the theme of “firsts,” before this shift in my prime directive. And after the shift, I realized that I didn’t want to take screenshots to illustrate this story. So FanFic: Stories of Canyon and Meadow is where I’ll place all the Sims stories that I want to write but which my prime directive won’t allow me to take screenshots for. I hope you enjoy these stories without illustration!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: FanFic is written for an adult audience, so I have moved it to a new blog. If you’d like to follow this novel-in-the-making, please pop on over to my new website, Stories of Canyon and Meadow, where I will tell of the lives and loves of Nancy, Clarissa, Geoffrey, Malcolm, and Cassandra.