Annette Thayer’s Playable presents the adventures of immigrants from the world of Le Dynastie d’Angers of @Bilmonaghan (aka monaghanbill).

To learn the back-story of Annette Thayer, read Le Dynastie d’Angers.

The Jumping-off Place: Chapter 37 of Le Dynastie d’Angers

Annette Thayer’s Playable – Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Home (Annette Thayer)

Chapter 2: The Player and the Played (Cathy Tea)

Chapter 3: Handy that Way (Maya Marlowe)

Chapter 4: Message Decoded, Deconstructed, and Delivered (Cathy Tea)

Chapter 5: The Listening Presence (Annette Thayer)

Chapter 6: The Sacred Language of Desire (Nicola McKnight)

Chapter 7: Vivek and the Order of the Garnet Studs (Donnie Dubois)

Chapter 8: Errands for the Knight Errant (Donnie Dubois)

Chapter 9: Totality (Annette Thayer)

Chapter 10: Love Is (Carter Easter)

Chapter 11: Spirit and Stone (Paula Turpin)

Chapter 12: Perimeter (Cathy Tea)

Chapter 13: My Way (Aubrey Bergman)

Chapter 14: Where the River Flows (Nicola McKnight)

Chapter 15: Checking In (Cathy Tea)

Chapter 16: A Symposium for What? (Cathy Tea)

The Heading Back Home Place: Saint Groundrick Hog’s Day Episode 20: Peace and Disquiet

Follow Annette’s journey as she heads back to join ELP and the others on Bilmonaghan’s hard drive.