Spawning from a casual joke made on the EA Sims 4 Forums on February 16, 2015, the SIMposium for Game-Aware Sims  spun into a massive mashup of connected (and disconnected) sessions all over Simdom beginning in the end of February and continuing throughout the spring and possibly into the summer. Through the monumental and generous efforts of aroseinbloom, who created the S-GAS website (including registration pages for hosts, presenters, and participants) and the enthusiasm and collaboration of the Sim storytelling community, the event developed into something real!

My Toshiba laptop hosted the Transformation Thread, which was covered correspondent Sterling Rover, on special assignment from RollingPlum Magazine.

We hope you enjoy the reports by Sterling and presenters Annette Thayer, Cathy Tea (Motherlode), Maya Marlowe, Paula Turpin, and Young Cathy Tea (Houseful of Hippies).

Many thanks to all the participating Sims and Simmers who contributed text, ideas, and enthusiasm, to those who hosted and wrote the other S-GAS Threads, and to readers!

Transformation Sessions

S-GAS Correspondence: Live from the Front Lines (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Correspondence: The Funny LittLle Man (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Correspondence: Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Correspondence: Hippie Chicks (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Notebooks: Beyond Binary (Young Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Vlogs: Participant Intros, pt. 1

S-GAS Interviews: Bill Monaghan 1 (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Vlogs: Participant Intros, pt. 2

S-GAS Vlogs: Participant Intros, pt. 3

S-GAS News: The Day According to Freezer Bunny (Free-Jon Wolff Tea)

S-GAS Correspondence: Party Sweets (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Transcripts: Beyond Coding, Session 1 (Young Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Reflections: What is Left? (Leonora Alves-Rivera)

S-GAS Reflections: Whims and Desires (Ana Pringle, Young Cathy Tea, Number Two)

S-GAS Notebooks: Words (Young Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Correspondence: Wherever (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Reflections: Beneath the Data (Jamie Rose)

S-GAS Reflections: The More is Love and Warmth (Leonora Alves-Rivera)

S-GAS Presentations: A Laundry Basket for Emma (Annette Thayer)

S-GAS Presentations: On the Other Side of the Screen, pt. 2 (Annette Thayer)

S-GAS Homework: Describe a Typical Day (Free-Jon Wolff Tea, Rose Fletcher)

S-GAS Camera: The Party for the March Sun Returns (For Sunny Shay and aroseinbloom)

S-GAS Camera: Many Returns of the Day (For Sunny Shay and aroseinbloom)

S-GAS Camera: The Party Ends at Dawn (For Sunny Shay and aroseinbloom)

S-GAS Conversation: Looking Ahead, Looking Behind (Jessica Brown and Karen Wontothree)

S-GAS Presentations: Chopping, Carrying (Paula Turpin)

S-GAS Reflections: When Seraphim Walk this Digitial Earth (Sarafina Plumsin)

S-GAS Reflections: Ana’s Turn to Dance (Ana Pringle)

S-GAS Notebook: Out and About (Old Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Roundtables: Testingcheats (Bill Monaghan, Emelia Johnson, Jamie Rose, Jessica Brown, Karen Wontothree, Mikey Rivera, Old Cathy Tea, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis)

S-GAS Email: Dear Other Cindy (Cindy Pace)

S-GAS Email: Dear Other Me (Crystal Pace)

S-GAS Email: The Chain Letter – Chapter 7 (Young Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Notebooks: Tribal Boy (Young Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Silent Camera: The Return of the Bonsai (Bill Monaghan)

S-GAS Camera: Cool Cupcake (Joel Rochdale and Free-Jon Wolff Tea)

S-GAS Notebooks: Parties and Partings (Old Cathy Tea)

S-GAS Documents Folder: For Jon (Emelia Johnson and Free-Jon Wolff Tea)

S-GAS Correspondence: Requiem for a Movement (Sterling Rover)

S-GAS Notebooks: Edible Art (Rudolph Insteadman)

S-GAS Reflections: A Doula’s Tale (Cathy Otherside–which would be me)


Sterling Rover, on assignment for RollingPlum