A collaborative project, Summer Camp is built through the contributions of the participating Simmers.

Many thanks to these talented writers for helping to bring to life their young Sims’ summer stories. Be sure to check out their blogs for more good reading!

SummerFalls, SummerFalls’ Stories
With his SimSelf Joel Rochdale serving as camp counselor this summer, SummerFalls is the primary contributing author. Watch for his entries throughout the summer!

aroseinbloom (Rosey), A Rose In Bloom Sims
Simon Skinner, one of the awesome Skinner kids, attended Session 2,and JRose, Rosey’s SimSelf, showed up to meet Simon and be the surprise guest of honor at Rosey’s bridal party. Rosey contributed Simon’s letter home and the conversation between Simon and Rosey.

BBQPenguinwings Trish, The Knight Legacy and Other Stories
Miss Penguin sent two Sims to Session 1 and has contributed stories and correspondence.

Caitlin, Simmerworld
Caitlin’s gen 2 heir, Finch Shepards, from A Musical Legacy attended Session 3. Caitlin contributed Finch’s conversation for a music lesson and a letter home.

Jes2G, Stories by Jes2G 
Sasha Pruett, the daughter of Brady and Viv, attended Session 2. Jessica Brown (Jes2G’s SimSelf) made a surprise appearance for Rosey’s bridal party. Jes2G contributed to Fiona and Sasha’s conversation and provided congratulatory wishes.

lovesstorms, There Goes the Neighborhood
Gerald Cole, as a child, attended Summer Camp in Windenburg.

Manda/dougsbaby12, Sim Tales Woven
Manda’s child from her ISBI attended Session 1. Manda contributed stories and a letter home.

Marty/DavidMcSessy, Sims on Paper
Dillan and Violet came to Session 4. Marty contributed a letter from Mom, a conversation, and a drawing.

Meggles, MeggSims
Meggs’ gen 10 daughter, Chiyo Ikeda, attended Session 3. Meggles contributed a story and a letter home.

Pegasus143/MakPlays, MakPlays
Hahon, Cadence, and Waikiki, from After the Wedding, attended Summer Camp in Windenburg. Mackie wrote Part 6 of this Summer Camp session.

raerei, Raerei’s Fortress
Penelope Pigglewiggle, daughter from a legacy sideshoot, attended Session 3. raerei contributed a story that Penelope told, several conversations, and a letter home. Watch for continuing adventures with Penelope and onezero Bough on Raerei’s Fortress.

RoryGilmore34, Legacies of the Sims
Rory sent Fiona Gardner, a daughter from her game-play family, to Session 2. Rory’s SimSelf also showed up for the big party. Rory contributed to Fiona and Sasha’s conversation and provided congratulatory wishes. Rory also sent Blake from her “I’m a Lover” Let’s Play to Summer Camp in Windenburg.

Shannon SimsFan, Simdale Valley Post
Fiona and Felicity Tesla, cousins, attended Session 4. Shannon provided stories and a conversation.

SunnyShay, Hella Good
Tre Rivera from Hella Good attended Summer Camp in Windenburg.

VanityHigh, VanityHigh Stories
River Ricci, the gen 2 spare from VanityHigh’s Ricci Legacy, attended Session 3. River contributed a story and a letter home.