Session 2 Chapters

Counselors’ Meeting 2.1 – Cathy Tea and Joel Rochdale (SummerFalls)

CampCam 2.1 – All Session 2 Participants

What’s a Moment – Emelia and Free-Jon

Storytime 2.1 – Cathy Tea

Truth or Dare – Fiona, Sasha, Simon, Emelia, and Free-Jon (RoryGilmore34, Jes2G; aroseinbloom)

Breakfast at the Museum – Joel Rochdale (SummerFalls)

A Visit from the Fairy Godmothersaroseinbloom and Cathy Tea

The Fairy Godmothers’ Party for the Bride – RoryGilmore34, Jes2G; aroseinbloomSummerFalls; Cathy Tea

Hi, Dad – Free-Jon

Girl Talk – Fiona and Sasha (RoryGilmore34, Jes2G)

Simon’s Smiles – Simon (aroseinbloom)

The Lyin’ Witchin’ Wardrobe – @everybody

Session 2 Participants

EmeliaEmelia Johnson
Simmer: JordanNicoleJJ
Blog: Sims and Such
For Emelia’s back story, please see the following chapters of Sims and Such:
Generation 3 – Chapter 6 ; Generation 3 – Chapter 7

And pretty much all of the S-GAS sessions, especially S-GAS Transform, S-GAS Support Group and Occupy Oasis Springs, and the S-GAS Interruption at Casusbella.

FionaFiona Gardner
Simmer: RoryGilmore34
Blog: Legacies of the Sims
Fiona is a member of Rory’s game-play family; her story is not on the web.


Free-Jon Wolff Tea (Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea)
Simmer: Cathy Tea
For Free-Jon’s back story, please see A Houseful of Hippies:
From A Name by Any Other Name on…
And S-GAS Transform

SashaSasha Pruett
Simmer: Jes2G
Blog: Stories by Jes2G
For Sasha’s back story, please see the following chapters of the Pruett Legacy:
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…Check-mate for Your Heart, Twelve More Days, Brady’s Birthday Bash
And, when Sasha gets home, catch Something Special and Fairy Godmothers, Faith, Fear

SimonSimon Skinner
Simmer: aroseinbloom
Blog: A Rose In Bloom Sims
For Simon’s back story, please see the following chapters of the Skininer Saga:
Sad Skinners, Woven into the FabricSiblings, Seeing Crymson, The Summer of Simon, Thick as Thieves, Birthdays and Good-byes for Now