Session 3 Chapters

Counselors’ Meeting 3.1 – Cathy Tea; Joel (SummerFalls); Penelope (raerei); Jordan (JordanNicoleJJ)

Touchstones – Cathy Tea

CampCam 3.1 – @everybody

Afternoon at the Park – Joel (SummerFalls)

Hide and Seek – @everybody

Stories and Friends – Cathy Tea; River (Vanity High)

Sweet Cupcakes – Penelope (raerei);  Joel (SummerFalls)

For Cupcake Fallout, see Checking in with the PiggleWiggles on Raerei’s Fortress.

Dragons! – Chiyo (Meggles)

Planning with P1 and p2 – onezero and Penelope (raerei)

Penelope’s father receives her email on Raerei’s Fortress.

Music Lesson with Birdy – Cathy Tea and Finch (Caitlin)

LOL Means Lots of Love – River (Vanity High), Finch (Caitlin), Chiyo (Meggles)

Counselors’ Journal 3.1 – Joel (SummerFalls)

Goodbye into Hello – Cathy Tea, Joel (SummerFalls), onezero and Penelope (raerei), and Erica, Dillan and Violet’s mom (Martymor)

Session 3 Participants

ChiyoChiyo Ikeda
Simmer: Meggles
Blog: MeggSims
For Chiyo’s backstory, please start with the following chapter in the Ikeda Legacy:
GEN TEN! and read through the end.

FinchFinch Shepards
Simmer: Caitlin
Blog: Simmerworld
For Finch’s story, see the following chapters:
A New LifeBirdy, and Mum’s

Penelope and onezeroonezero Bough
Simmer: Cathy Tea
Blog: Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology
For onezero’s backstory, start with the following chapter in Goofy Love and read through Gen 7: In It Together

PenelopePenelope Pigglewiggle
Simmer: raerei
Blog: raereigames
For Penelope’s story, see the following chapters in Sidelines: Get to Work:
From Sidelines 8 on

RiverRiver Ricci
Simmer: Vanity High
Blog: VanityHigh Stories
For River’s story, see the Ricci Legacy, starting with this chapter:
Vacation II