Session 4 Chapters

A Special Day – @everybody

Best Ever Exhibition – @everybody

Felicity’s Dream – Felicity (ShannonSimsFan)

For Goofballs Everywhere – Fiona (ShannonSimsFan)

Half Plum – Marty, Dillan, Violet (Marty)

Big Sibling, Little Sibling – – Joel (SummerFalls) and Amelia

The Art Show Ice Cream Social Invitations — Felicity and Fiona  (ShannonSimsFan)

The Bear Hunt – @everybody

Stendhal Strikes the Stuffies – @everybody

The Big Show – @everybody and then some (except for Amelia, who fell asleep in the tent)

Session 4 Participants

AmeliaAmelia Love
Simmer: SummerFalls
Blog: SummerFalls Stories
Amelia is Joel’s SimSister! 🙂 She’s not from a story.
To read Joel’s SimLit, see SummerFalls Stories.

VioletDillan and Violet 
Simmer: Marty/DavidMCSessy
Blog: Sims on Paper (Tumblr); Life on Canvas (WordPress)
Dillan and Violet are a game-play family and are not from a story;
be sure to check out A Willow’s Way on Marty’s Tumblr to read
his amazing comic.


Fiona and Felicity Tesla
Simmer: ShannonSimsFan
Blog: Simdale Valley Post
For Fiona and Felicity’s story, see the Tesla Legacy, beginning with:
Life Goes On, pt. 1

Simmer: BabydollAnne
Blog: BabyDollAnne
Lola is a special SimKid who’s not from a story. To read Anne’s SimLit
see her blog,