Inspired by BBQPenguinWings’ Beach Island Homes and memories of spending summers on an island, this series is a different kind of autobiography: Call it the autobiography of a daydream. The narrator is me, and some few events may be pulled more or less literally from my life, but the circumstances, setting, and people are all fiction. I’m writing this series to build upon the experience of GloPoWriMo and Story A Day. Each chapter contains one opening picture: the rest is text. Every Sunday’s post will be a poem, which comes from the narrator’s journal.

Chapter One


Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Chapter Four

Chapter Five

200 Eyes

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven


Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Open Doors

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

A Gardener’s First Lesson

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen


Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Surface and Depth

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

The Earth is my Container

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

The Ferry, To and Fro