Chapter 104: No Mean Queen

Chapter 105: Perfection Isn’t

Chapter 106: You mean we can leave the home lot?

Chapter 107: Home Again

Chapter 108: The Eulogy of the 1,000 Mommies

Chapter 109: Through It

Chapter 110: Autonomy

–>What does it mean?

Chapter 111: What She’s Looking For

Chapter 112: The Straight Path

Chapter 113: Oh, Sweet!

Chapter 114: Chimes

–>Autonomy 2

Chapter 115: Without a Trait

Chapter 116: Redbud and Alder

Chapter 117: The Circle

Chapter 118: The Park Boys

Chapter 119: Unbirthday

Chapter 120: For a Dancer

Chapter 121: The Center

Chapter 122: Somebody’s Shoulders

Chapter 123: The Penultimates

Chapter 124: Who We Are

Chapter 125: Naturally

–>Reflections on Legacy Game-Play, One Year In

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 7

Chapter 126: Essay for English Comp: What’s a Family?

Chapter 127: Doug’s Last Painting