–>Reflections Mid-Way Through Generation Two

Chapter 9: Just Meet Someone, Ok?

Chapter 10: Sonnet II

Chapter 11: His Royal Cuteness Steps In to Help Out

–>Get to Know… the Sims of Gen 2

Chapter 12: Heading into a (Nearly) Full House

Chapter 13: Possessed

Chapter 14: The Royal Llama Tamer

–>Pre-Game-Play Thoughts: Setting Goals

–>Thoughts on Reading (and Writing) Legacies

Chapter 15: Random Daze


Chapter 16: “In My Love, You’ll Find You’re Free.”

Chapter 17: What Goes Around

Chapter 18: Comes Around

Chapter 19: And Back Again

Chapter 20: What’s Around the Corner?

Chapter 21: Who Needs Cake When You’ve Got Fire?

–>Personal Musings on Glitches

Chapter 22: Sonnet LXXIII 

Chapter 23: The Bride and Bridegroom Were Happy

–>”Balance is a Verb”

Chapter 24: ‘Til We See Through You

Chapter 25: A Trait that Begins with the Letter G

Chapter 26: Paris Makes the Most of these Final Days


“I’ll make you happy. Today. “Everyday. And I’ll make our baby happy, too.”