Inspired by a thruhiker’s blog, Roaming Wild Rosie, which tracks her route along the Pacific Crest Trail, this series follows Maisie Santos who treks on foot from Willow Creek all the way up to Brindleton Bay, which, in my imagination, traverses southeast corner of the Sims 4 continent to the northwest corner. Let’s say it’s 2055 miles. She’s blogging her adventures on the trail, and I hope you come along for the journey!

Day 0

Day 1: Magnolia Park – County Parkside (12.5 mi)

Day 2: County Parkside – Cripple Creek / Cripple Creek to Dawson County Park (18 mi)

Day 3: Dawson County Park – Lakeside View (25 mi)

Day 4: Lakeside View – Riverside Park (18 mi)

Day 5: Riverside Park – Dawson County Line (18 mi)

Day 6: Dawson County Line – Sweetwater Park (20 mi)

Day 7: Sweetwater Park – Magnolia Promenade (22 mi)

Day 8: Magnolia Promenade – Newcrest (20 mi)