Townie Town

Townie Town is a neighborhood rotation in a game filled solely with game-generated Sims.

The project coordinator is Miracle Maynard, a Townie from Goofy Love who was Sugar Maple Bough’s first best friend.

Follow the developments of this program through the journals and diaries of the program coordinator and participants.

Record of Journal Entries

Miracle Maynard 1.1

Miracle Maynard 1.2

Kimber Brumfield 1.1

Breana Xian 1.1

Demetrius Quintanilla 1.1

Alonso Bowden 1.1

Miracle Maynard 2.1

Kimber Brumfield 2.1

Breana Xian 2.1

Alonso Bowden 2.1