This is an invitation to readers who wish to chime in, but don’t:

One of the most community-building aspects of blogs and online media, as opposed to most print media, is that writers get to hear more directly and immediately from readers, many–maybe even most–of whom are also writers! And when we read our readers’ work, this lovely circle forms and informs our work.

Many of you I know through your comments here, your blogs, or through the EA Forums.

And there are many, many more of you whom I have yet to meet!

When I look at the statistics for site visits compared to the number of readers I can identify, I become curious about all those readers whom I don’t yet know.

Are you a Simmer? (I’m guessing, yes!)

What do you love about the game?

Do you write also?

And what other works do you enjoy reading?

What brings you joy?

If you’re a reader who would like to share comments but who tends to hang back,Β I’d love to hear from you! (And please share a link to your blog, if you have one andΒ wishΒ to share it.)

Happy reading! Happy writing! And happy Simming!

Henrietta Davida Thoreau