This blog features stories created with The Sims 4. It includes a  Sims 4 Legacy, “Goofy Love,” which follows Pinstar’s rules for the Legacy Challenge for Sims 4. The basic goal is to get to generation 10 of your Sims–with no cheats!

Many other stories are included here; some are based off of challenges, and some are played more freely. If you enjoy these stories and want to find more like them, I encourage you to take part in the EA Sims 4 Forums. At the Writers’ Lounge, you’ll find many of SimLit writers, all of us passionate about our stories, our Sims, and encouraging other writers! We also have a Book Club, where we talk about a work of SimLit each week, and a monthly Short Story Contest, where you’ll find some of the most inspiring short stories each month! Hope you join us!


Photo of Cedar with goofy smile

Cedar faces the challenge of meeting “the one” with her typically unflappable attitude.