Handwriting Challenge

A long time ago, like on April 12, 2017, when I was mired in the Big Project at the office, CeCe Rose (cecerose0208, at the Forums) tagged me for the Handwriting Challenge.

Thanks, CeCe! If you’re a fan of CeCe’s stories, found at Dreams & Drama Neighborhood Rotation and CeCeWrites, then you know how lovely it is to open your WordPress Reader and catch up with the Ralstons or find out what’s new with Nivea. And if you’re not yet reading CeCe’s stories, what are you waiting for? These stories are rich!

Thanks, CeCe, for tagging me!

Then, because it took me so long to post this, Sweetnightingale tagged me it May! Thank you, Sweet! Sweetnightingale and I are pen pals of a sort: Some of our Sims write each other in The Pen Pal Project. Through our Sims’ correspondences, I’ve gotten to know the intricate, intertwined fantasy stories of Sweetnightingale. I highly recommend them! You can find them at Simming with Sweetnightingale, and from there, if you click the links to Other Works, you’ll be able to find all her stories.

Now: On to the Challenge!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Write your name
  • Write your blog’s name
  • Write your favorite word and its definition
  • Write something nice
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now
  • What are you writing with?
  • Write a fun fact about yourself
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  • Write a silly message
  • Write who you’re tagging


And because you likely can’t read my scratches, here’s what I wrote:

  • Write your name: Cathy Tea
  • Write your blog’s name: Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology
  • Write your favorite word and its definition: Cello – a wooden string instrument that sounds like a breathy singing voice.
  • Write something nice: Think of the most beautiful, brightest spark of light you’ve ever seen. Imagine it! Feel it. That beauty is inside of you.
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now: Allemande in E-flat from the 4th cello suite by Bach
  • What are you writing with? My H Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil
  • Write a fun fact about yourself: When I went to build my suppor system recently, I realized everyone was already in place! I just had to identify them.
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon: Dimply smiley face with a nose!
  • Write a silly message: You’re only as silly as you think you are! (which, in my case, is pretty silly!)
  • Write who you’re tagging:
    I tagged those who were then my penpals from the Pen Pal project… plus, for a bonus, AdamsEve, AllieMac, and Pegasus! 🙂

Thank you, friends, for being so lovely! Let’s have tea and draw!

(And don’t you think we look sort of like our handwriting? 🙂 )