Chapter 73: Next Stages

Chapter 74: Sugar Power

Chapter 75: Material Girls

Chapter 76: Open House with the Mansion Baron

Chapter 77: Anyone?

Chapter 78: Birthday Pop!

–>Life Lessons from the Sims: Learning from Aspen

Chapter 79: Purple is My Favorite Color

Chapter 80: What about Ted?

Chapter 81: Like a Willow

Chapter 82: Time in a Cup

Chapter 83: Maybe Yes

Chapter 84: It Was a Date

Chapter 85: Goofy Love

Chapter 86: Chandler the Cheerful

Chapter 87: Say Yes

Chapter 88: What a Wedding!

Chapter 89: In It Together

Chapter 90: Seeing Double

Chapter 91: Simpatico

–>Aries Moon

Chapter 92: A Seventh of Heaven

Chapter 93: Replay

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 6

Chapter 94: The 1,000 Mommies

–>Pre-Game-Play Strategies

Chapter 95: Slide On Home

Chapter 96: Big Deal

Chapter 97: Super Snobs

Chapter 98: Dance Hall Days

Chapter 99: Wake-Up Call

Chapter 100: Sugar Day

Chapter 101: Burdens and Joys

Chapter 102: Titanium Heart

Chapter 103: One Last Look


Salix and Chandler