edgarevansPosted June 26, 2016

Congratulations, Charlie!

With gratitude, I announce that Charlie Rocca Cups was nominated for the Edgar Evans Award by chealsycat’s Daddy Bear. What an honor to be nominated by such an inspiring Sim of such a thoughtful, kind, and talented Simmer!

This award was created by Judith (Moon in Capricorn/NoWayJose527) in honor of her Sim, Edgar Evans: astronaut, neighbor, community member, and mentor to kids everywhere. You can find Edgar Evans’ adventures on The Jonathan Chronicles.

To accept this award, Charlie Rocca Cups wrote the following speech and, even more challenging than writing the speech, he selected a Sim to nominate.

Passing it Forward with Gratitude, from Charlie


 When good things happen to us, especially when our lives are already full of good things, we might want to turn away in humility: Thanks, no! I already have so much!

I am trying a different tack: acceptance, with gratitude, then pass it forward.

I accept this award on behalf of minha mãe, minha tia, meu pai, meus avós, and the physicians, researchers, nurses and staff of the Central Community Clinic. It’s never a single person’s efforts that generate success: the contributions, efforts, and support of many are part of that individual.

I accept this award to draw attention to the important research that we’re doing on mycelium and mushroom compounds for fighting viruses and, potentially, even cancer. In our work, we operate from the perspective that nature provides the tools we need for healing and re-establishing balance. Already, we are finding that herbal remedies containing mushroom compounds provide quick relief for colds and flu, and we are exploring other uses at present.

I can think of so many other Sims who contribute to their communities and families that nominating a single Sim poses a challenge. After great thought, in recognition both of this Sim’s daily acts of kindness and of the unflagging support which her Simmer provides to the SimLit and LGBTQQIAAPP (both Sim and nonSim) communities that I nominate MastressAlita’s Rose Hatcher.

It’s an honor to be able to make this nomination on Sim Pride Day 2016. Some may wonder, “What makes a cat lady worthy of a community service award?” But if you know Rose and her story, it will be easy for you to think of all the ways that she serves her two- and four-legged (and two-winged) communities. When faced with grief, rather than cave in to the pain she felt, Rose Hatcher adopted Shadow, a kitten who needed a home. Since then, as Shadow will attest, this “two-legger’s” kindness extends throughout the neighborhood and town.

I choose to pass it forward to Rose Hatcher, the next recipient of the Edgar Evans award because, when faced with finding a way out of her own pain, Rose chose the path of kindness.

May we be inspired to do the same.


About the Award and Award Instructions:

This award was started to honor outstanding Sims — and the simmers who created them. Each recipient is chosen as an example of an individual with strong values and a desire to serve the family and community.

If your Sim has been nominated, please do the following:

  1. Save a copy of the award photograph shown here.
  2. Create a post on your blog showing the award.
  3. On your post please include a photo of your Sim along with his or her acceptance speech.
  4. Link back to Jonathan Chronicles.
  5. Link back also to the simmer who nominated your Sim.
  6. Nominate another Sim and notify the Simmer. Please provide these instructions.