Goofy Love

–>I’m starting my Sims 4 Legacy tonight!

Chapter 1: On a Bright and Sunny Day

–>Reflections after Day One Gaming Session on Legacy Challenge

Chapter 2: “Are You the One?”

Chapter 3: “Share My Life With Me. Let’s Live Our Destiny”

Chapter 4: Acacia!

–>One Week In: Goals, Thoughts, Responses, and Reflections

Chapter 5: Acacia’s Childhood

Chapter 6: Growing Up Gen 2

Chapter 7: Acacia Saves the Day. And then She Saves it Again.

Chapter 8: A Sudden and Final Exit

–>An Homage to Timothy and Cedar

–>Reflections Mid-Way Through Generation Two

Chapter 9: Just Meet Someone, Ok?

Chapter 10: Sonnet II

Chapter 11: His Royal Cuteness Steps In to Help Out

–>Get to Know… the Sims of Gen 2

Chapter 12: Heading into a (Nearly) Full House

Chapter 13: Possessed

Chapter 14: The Royal Llama Tamer

–>Pre-Game-Play Thoughts: Setting Goals

–>Thoughts on Reading (and Writing) Legacies

Chapter 15: Random Daze


Chapter 16: “In My Love, You’ll Find You’re Free.”

Chapter 17: What Goes Around

Chapter 18: Comes Around

Chapter 19: And Back Again

Chapter 20: What’s Around the Corner?

Chapter 21: Who Needs Cake When You’ve Got Fire?

–>Personal Musings on Glitches

Chapter 22: Sonnet LXXIII 

Chapter 23: The Bride and Bridegroom Were Happy

–>”Balance is a Verb”

Chapter 24: ‘Til We See Through You

Chapter 25: A Trait that Begins with the Letter G

Chapter 26: Paris Makes the Most of these Final Days

–>”The Centre Cannot Hold”

Chapter 27: Dating the Devil

Chapter 28: Caught in a Web

Chapter 29: The Sweet Moves of Ms. M

Chapter 30: Stay Awhile

Chapter 31: Eat Life

–>Life Lessons from the Sims: Sweet Moments

–>Pre-Game-Play Planning

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 3

Chapter 32: Manzanita’s Mansion

–>Reflections on Legacy Game-Play Two Months In

Chapter 33: More to Life than Birthdays

Chapter 34: Willow and Her Cousins

Chapter 35: Not Time’s Fool

Chapter 36: Let’s Go to the Park!

Chapter 37: The Bro is a Cupcake

Chapter 38: I-dub Takes Up the Reins

–>Life Lessons from the Sims: Secrets to Happiness, Sim-style

Chapter 39: Wedding Cupcake

Chapter 40: Hi Five

Chapter 41: Still Life With Freezer Bunny

–>You Know You’re a Simmer When…

–>It’s about Connecting, not Control

Chapter 42: 5 Golden Grlzzz

Chapter 43: Hot Stuff

Chapter 44: Aging Up!

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 4

–>The Boughs Take a Short Break

Story of the Month: Madrona in the Middle (posted on

Chapter 45: Birthday Wishes

Chapter 46: Free as a Baby

Chapter 47: Good and Mean

Chapter 48: Under Clay Bunny’s Watchful Eyes

Chapter 49: To Be Self-Assured


–>Wrimmingfun as an Art Form

Chapter 50: #teammailmen

Chapter 51: Which will it be, Mailman No. 1 or Mailman No. 2?

Chapter 52: Fairy Tale Spins

Chapter 53: The Love-More Campaign

Chapter 54: A Good Life

Chapter 55: Now/New

Chapter 56: It’s Apparent

Chapter 57: A Single Focus

–>The Story’s Eyes

Chapter 58: Madrona’s Mailman

Chapter 59: The Latin Willow

Chapter 60: The Penultimate Wish

Chapter 61: Lovely, Peaceful Days

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 5

Chapter 62: The Coding of a Finite Game

Chapter 63: Power to the Scamp

Chapter 64: Just Across the Street

Chapter 65: Sparkling

Chapter 66: Before Life Changes Again

Chapter 67: Beautiful Boughs

Chapter 68: “If it’s worth doing once…”

Chapter 69: Most Misunderstood

Chapter 70: Smiles Back on Faces

Chapter 71: Individual Style

Chapter 72: Dandelion Puffs

Chapter 73: Next Stages

Chapter 74: Sugar Power

Chapter 75: Material Girls

Chapter 76: Open House with the Mansion Baron

Chapter 77: Anyone?

Chapter 78: Birthday Pop!

–>Life Lessons from the Sims: Learning from Aspen

Chapter 79: Purple is My Favorite Color

Chapter 80: What about Ted?

Chapter 81: Like a Willow

Chapter 82: Time in a Cup

Chapter 83: Maybe Yes

Chapter 84: It Was a Date

Chapter 85: Goofy Love

Chapter 86: Chandler the Cheerful

Chapter 87: Say Yes

Chapter 88: What a Wedding!

Chapter 89: In It Together

Chapter 90: Seeing Double

Chapter 91: Simpatico

–>Aries Moon

Chapter 92: A Seventh of Heaven

Chapter 93: Replay

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 6

Chapter 94: The 1,000 Mommies

–>Pre-Game-Play Strategies

Chapter 95: Slide On Home

Chapter 96: Big Deal

Chapter 97: Super Snobs

Chapter 98: Dance Hall Days

Chapter 99: Wake-Up Call

Chapter 100: Sugar Day

Chapter 101: Burdens and Joys

Chapter 102: Titanium Heart

Chapter 103: One Last Look

Chapter 104: No Mean Queen

Chapter 105: Perfection Isn’t

Chapter 106: You mean we can leave the home lot

Chapter 107: Home Again

Chapter 108: The Eulogy of the 1,000 Mommies

Chapter 109: Through It

Chapter 110: Autonomy

–>What does it mean?

Chapter 111: What She’s Looking For

Chapter 112: The Straight Path

Chapter 113: Oh, Sweet!

Chapter 114: Chimes

–>Autonomy 2

Chapter 115: Without a Trait

Chapter 116: Redbud and Alder

Chapter 117: The Circle

Chapter 118: The Park Boys

Chapter 119: Unbirthday

Chapter 120: For a Dancer

Chapter 121: The Center

Chapter 122: Somebody’s Shoulders

Chapter 123: The Penultimates

Chapter 124: Who We Are

Chapter 125: Naturally

–>Reflections on Legacy Game-Play, One Year In

–>Get to know… the Sims of Gen 7

Chapter 126: Essay for English Comp: What’s a Family?

Chapter 127: Doug’s Last Painting

Chapter 128: Vadish

–>Doug and Tam

Chapter 129: Young and Clean

Chapter 130: Confessions of a Book Lover

Chapter 131: Any Party, Any Potion

Chapter 132: Clowning

Chapter 133: The Kingfisher’s Wing

Chapter 134: Chain of Days

Chapter 135: Sister Chat

Chapter 136: Tomas

Chapter 137: The Still Point

Chapter 138: The Ease of a Good Fit

Chapter 139: All About Family

Chapter 140: Bug’s Eye View

Chapter 141: Cypress and Pine

Chapter 142: Alder’s Last Birthday

Chapter 143: The Coronation of Pepper Doodle

Chapter 144: A Friend of a Goof

Chapter 145: Two Parties, Four Potions, Seven Aspirations, One Fire, and a Cow Skull on a Bone Stalk

Chapter 146: Doing Things Together

Chater 147: I Thought That I Would Never See… Hair as Lovely as a Tree

Chapter 148: That Face

Chapter 149: Under Cherry Blossoms

Chapter 150: Something to Stay For

Chapter 151: The Last Park Boy at the Party

Chapter 152: Dag Dag, Sul Sul

Chapter 153: Bingeing on a Classic

Chapter 154: The Last Roll

Chapter 155: Is That Your Final Answer?

Chapter 156: A Steamy Shower, Mom’s Flirty Hat, and the Right Decor

Chapter 157: Dad’s Girl

–>You’re Invited

Chapter 158: Rangers are the New Mailmen

Chapter 159: #McPepper

Chapter 160: The Glutton Spiel

Chapter 161: How to Make a Gen 10 Nooboo

–>Sugar-Tea Chat

–>Time’s Eyes: A Purple Day Post

Open House at Cradle Rock

Open House: True Tales

Open House: Thirty-one Flavors

Open House: Sacks of Turnips

Open House at Cradle Rock Guest List

–>Reflecting on Change, Movement, and Self