Sunshine Blogger: DreamsInPixel’s Questions

Thank you, DreamsInPixels, for nominating my story Wonder for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Candace is the author of The Amari Family, along with any other SimLit stories, all of which I love.

You can find my nominations on my Sunshine Blogger page.

Here are DreamsInPixels questions:

  1. What inspired you to write your story?
    I decided to write Wonder because I’d learned a lot about skilling TS4 kids so I wanted to take a second shot at the Wonder Child challenge. I’d also been reading some really find TS4 SimLit and I wanted to provide a more developed approach to the writing of the story. Along the way, I remembered an idea I had for a TS2 story, which would be to cover every single day in the life of a Sim, from conception to the final meeting with Grim, so I decided that I would do that with this story, continuing it after the Wonder Child challenge was done.
  2. Who is your favorite character in any story youโ€™ve written?
    I love so many of them! I’d have to say that Willow Bough, Gen 4 spare of Goofy Love, is probably my all-time favorite Sim. She just understood me, I felt! And I understood her.
  3. Which is your favorite game from the franchise? (Including spinoffs!) Why?
    I’m currently in love with Supernatural from TS3. I love Moonlight Falls, including all the premades, Townies, and NPCs there, and I adore the misty, mysterious landscape. It’s just so eerie and so much fun to play!
  4. Who is your favorite pre-made sim from the main series? (TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4)
    So hard! I’m sure I can’t choose. I love the Villareals from TS4, and I’ve always loved Geoffrey Landgraab from TS4. The Racket-Rotter ChroniclesRacket-Rotter Chronicles by Senna/Nessa/rednemenon and Eight Cicadas by InfraGreen have made me fall in love with Sinbad, Shark, and Harwood Clay. And playing Moonlight Falls has helped me become very fond of the Nix family and Frank Renardo (one of the original mail carriers there).
  5. Which is your favorite to read: Plot driven or Game driven?
    I love either, as long as the writer loves his or her Sims and feels driven to write the story. I can usually pick up if the writer is bored or doesn’t like the Sims in the story, and that puts me off. But if the writer loves his or her story and his or her Sims or characters, then I’m an avid and happy reader.
  6. Do you use CC or mods?
    Yes. I find MC Command Center to be indispensable to prevent culling of Sims, ghosts, and relationships.
  7. Favorite Genre of SimLit? (comedy, drama, romanceโ€ฆetc.)
    I love them all! I do get bored with drama unless I can tell that the characters are making honest efforts to approach their life challenges and personal limitations in a way that promotes growth and development. I find I don’t have much tolerance for whining and complaining, especially when the Sims are wealthy. If there’s some irony, some moments of transcendence, something that lifts the story out of the predictable and mundane, then I tend to love it no matter what genre it fits.
  8. Name something that was unexpected to happen in your nominated story. Did you keep it in the story or leave it out?
    I really expected that Charlie would fall in love, especially with a woman. So many women were obviously attracted to him, and his dad is Paolo, after all. But it seems that Charlie is an Ace, which I really am happy about! Of course I’ve left this in the story, for in my stories and games, the Sims get to decide matters of romance. And it’s added an interesting challenge to the game, since I want it to be somewhat generational.
  9. Who inspires you?
    You inspire me, Candace! I am always inspired by your stories and after reading them, I feel like writing. Your approach to life inspires me, too. I love the kindness that you share with others. I’m also inspired by your BFF Anne and her approach to facing challenges and striving for a life that fits her well. I’m inspired by all the writers in my reading circles at the Forums. My boyfriend always inspires me–he inspires me to live well and strive to do my best at everything. I’m inspired by my shadow.
  10. Favorite book?
    Jane Austen’s Persuasion.
  11. Favorite movie?
    “Fly Away Home.” I love the bravery of the little girl in it and the bond between her and the Canada geese.