Newest Post:  Forgotten Art: Jasper-Liam 1, January 17, 2017

Whether you’re an old friend or a new reader, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. I have a lot of SimLit stories; you don’t need to read them all today! They’ll be here waiting for you when you return on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea!

What to read today? I’ve started a new collab! Having learned from previous collaborations, I’ve developed the Pen Pal Project as a way to offer autonomy and flexibility for participants as well as rich opportunities for sharing and exploring together. My corner of the project is called The Forgotten Art of Correspondence.

The Anthology

Goofy Love

Goofy Love is a Pinstar Legacy, completed on Nov. 28, 2015 (open house celebrations posted Jan. 4, 2016). Join Cedar Bough and her descendants as they find love and freedom! Read Goofy Love >>


Join the Boughs of Goofy Love as they continue their lives, loves, and adventures, freed from the constraints of legacy life. Last updated March 30, 2016. Read New World Symphony >>


Forgotten Art of Correspondence is part of the Pen Pal Project, a collaborative story-telling endeavor. In my corner, we feature Jasper McCumber, his niece Meadow, and young Giuliana Kruse, who each write to interesting pen pals. Last updated January 17, 2017. Read Forgotten Art >>


Shift presents the diary of Jenny Trevalyn, a teen without a permanent residence. This story comes from a YOTO (Youth On Their Own) Challenge. Completed January 10, 2017. Read Shift >>


Bonus Shorts contain stand-alone shorter works (short stories and novellas) that don’t fit into particular challenges or series. We launch this section with a holiday novella: Coming Home. Last updated, Dec. 30, 2016. Read Bonus Shorts >>


City Tales follows the stories of four who have moved to the city as they follow dreams, love, ambition, and curiosity to discover their place in an urban setting. Last updated, Dec. 11, 2016. Read City Tales >>


Whisper takes us back to TS3, where we discover in this Sim-driven ISBI that life was not less complicated yesterday. Last updated, December 18, 2016. Read Whisper >>


Wonder follows the life of one Sim, from conception through his final day. Last updated October 8, 2016. Read Wonder >>


This wordless story paints the life of Silas Raptor, a teen who lives alone on the island off of Windenburg. Last updated, October 6, 2016.  Read Silas >>

Three Rivers

Inspired by 30 Days of Simming, this project presents the lives and stories of individuals finding self, community, and belonging alone and together in their world. Last updated, August 9, 2016. Read Thirty Sims at Three Rivers >>


Follow the surprising adventures of the surprise twins of Cocoa Heish-Pigglewiggle and Cathy Tea. Read Cocoa Tea Kids >>

Townie Town

Have you ever wondered what a world populated solely by Townies would be like? Come visit Townie Town! Last updated Dec. 17, 2015. Read Townie Town >>


Young CT has always wanted to live in a big old house with all her friends. What happens to her dream when she falls in love? Last updated Dec. 28, 2015. Read A Houseful of Hippies >>


Dr. Jasmine Gooding, retired psychologist, moves to a big blue Victorian in a suburb filled with angst. Can cheerfulness, a good heart, and an outgoing personality prevail? This collection contains the short stories written for the Short Story Challenge on the EA Forums. Last updated December 22, 2016. Read Casebook >>


Can a Sim get by without a home? Jack Bivouac intends to find out. Last updated Dec. 10, 2015. Read Drifter >>


When Henrietta Davida Thoreau makes a fortune writing while staying in her great granduncle’s cabin on Walden Pond, she decides to dedicate the profits to founding a school for orphans. Last updated April 27, 2015. Read Emerson Institute >>


Sometimes, I just like to let my mind wander. Last updated January 3, 2017. Read Aimless >>


And sometimes, I like to pretend I’m from another planet and then let my mind wander. Last updated May 21, 2015. Read Where I’m From >>


Through collaborative projects like Summer Camp and the Blogaversary and challenges like The Wonder Child Challenge and The Room Challenge, I’ve finished a few projects in addition to Goofy Love. Check out my completed works here >>