A Sudden and Final Exit

Cedar seemed so happy to have time to herself: exploring space, advancing her career, getting to be her own person, rather than half of a soul-mate couple. I had been worried that her life had been spared only to carry her to grief. But she didn’t grieve Timothy at all; she merely sailed into a new freedom.

I decided that I would let her use the life-extending potion. She’s an active senior, and seemed ready to live for herself. She could reach the top of her career as an astronaut, which was so important to her. (She always walked around with thought bubbles of astronauts!) Maybe she could even meet her grandkids!

But when I got back into the game, I found that none of them had enough points to buy the life-enhancing potion. Mesquite, with the most points, was 300 shy.

And then, she got out of bed.


“I’m glowing. And I’m not sure it’s a good thing.”

Grim showed up.


Grimmy says, “Man, I’m feeling a little warm in here.”

Not sure if you can tell from the photo above, but Grimmy was feeling a little flirty. He even did the hair-toss.


“Please? You did it once. You can do it again! She has so many more dreams!”

Acacia tried, but her pleads went unheeded.


“Hey, I gave it my best. Think I’ll do a little programming now. I was right in the middle of a line of code.”

And that was it. No fanfare, just the finale.