Acacia Saves the Day. And Then She Saves It Again.

I received the in-game notification for both Timothy and Cedar that their time was just about up. “Time to put their affairs in order.” So I sold all the extra produce and upgrade-parts in their inventories (and made a few thousand simoleans!) and allowed them autonomy so they could do what they wanted during their last few moments. Or days.


Green tea and physical fitness really seem to be working for Cedar.

Cedar was as energetic as she was as a young astronaut. She just loves life!

Green tea

“Green tea. Secret to longevity.”

She spent time contemplating her life and what it meant to her.

She let Acacia know how much she appreciated her.

Cedar and Acacia

“Acacia, I am so proud of you!”

She painted.

Social Bunny

“Somehow, this seems a fitting subject for my family of loners.”

And she continued enjoying her career and danced like it was her last day on this planet..

Cedar dancing

Timothy took a selfie with Mesquite, so that his son would always a remembrance of their close times together. (Poor Acacia stayed up all night creating plugins, so she was exhausted when she came home from her day programming.)

Tim and Mesquite

“Say ‘goofball’!”

The family spent a lot of time together, and Paris, who’s adopted this family as his own, spent a lot of time hanging out with them.

Family time

Nothing like a little family time.

Mesquite’s cooking skills led to a few complications.


“I thought you asked him to make garden salad!”


Poor Cedar really got stressed out!


Everybody who was home at the time was a little tense.

When Acacia got home from work, she took care of the situation.


“Stay calm. We’ve got a grrl in charge.”

I had been waiting for the fire fighters to arrive. But I guess there are none in TS4! I wasn’t able to figure out how to “extinguish fire” until Acacia got home, and it’s a good thing, too, for with her self-assuredness, she was the right woman for the job!


“Not a problem!”

Man, I love a smart, self-assured geek-grrl! What a role model you are for all of us, Acacia Bough!

Later that same day…


“I thought I just heard someone calling my name.”


“Are you coming for ME?”


“Oh, no! Dad? It can’t be time.”


“I demand you spare his life!”

Acacia’s demands fell on deaf ears. Grimmy would have none of it.


“Man! I really told the Reaper, didn’t I?”

Poor Baby Babcock, another Townie teen who’s adopted the family, took it really hard. Funny thing was, he called Timothy right as Timothy was collapsing on the floor. “Can I come over and hang out?” Little did he know what he’d find when he got there! I thought it would help Acacia cope with her dad’s passing if Baby were there, but he was the one who needed comforting.


“I just feel so proud of myself for talking with Grimmy like that! I really told him what’s what and wherefore!”

Acacia and Grimmy

“By the way. It’s nice to meet you. I hear you really get around.”

Meanwhile, Cedar was building her rocket.


“I’ve been waiting years to get the chance to explore space in my own rocket!”

And Mesquite was playing the piano.


“Gotta get the fun up…”


“Looks like Timothy didn’t get a chance to finish trimming the bonsai before his time came up.”

Grimmy stuck around. Just in case.

Baby Babcock

“Oh, man. He was like my second dad. Or I mean, since I live with two moms, he was like my dad I never knew. Not that I really knew him all that well. But now I’ll never get to!”


“What? Did someone just call my name?”


So, I’m thinking, at least she won’t have to grieve Timothy if she joins him.


“Bummer. She was like my third mom.”


“Must maintain total focus until extra credit is done.”


“Please, Grimmy! Mr. Reaper. I know I was a little demanding before, but now I’m pleading. I’m on my knees and everything.”

And just like that, Grimmy listened! See what a little “please and thank you” will get you! Your mom was right!


“I feel all tingly! In a good way! A really good way!”


“Mom! Did you die? I feel like I’m watching you die!”

When Mesquite finished his homework, he had to go through the “witness death” routine, even though Cedar was alive and feeling great.

And then Mesquite realized his dad was gone.


He wept at the headstone.


He cried in bed.


He cried in the shower.


He slept a lot.


He woke up sad.

Acacia was feeling great. Some guy she met somewhere (at work?) came over to hang out, and she and Paris, who’s now a young adult, played three-hands together.


“I don’t cheat at cards. I only cheat death!”

Paris, by the way, rolled “childish” as his adult trait.


“So then I said…”

Which makes him Neat, Hot-headed, and Childish.

Cedar was too excited about gaining more time to explore space to feel even a moment of grief.


“I’m free! Free flying!”