Growing Up Gen 2


Meet Mesquite

Mesquite Bough. A loner with the childhood aspiration of social butterfly. What? I guess the “random trait generator” really is what it says… random. Loner I can understand, as Mesquite’s dad, Timothy, is a loner, and Acacia rolled “loner” as her teen trait. But how does a loner get the aspiration of social butterfly? At first this really had me puzzled until I realized that Mesquite is one of those brave souls who chooses an aspiration which most challenges him to face his own personal limitations head on. More power to you, Mesquite!


Acacia’s dreams are always laugh-out-loud sweet!


A childhood life of the mind leads to a teen body of the chubby!

Acacia was a happy, if plump, teen.


Joke about bananas…


The life of the mind!

She jogged, she did her homework, she played chess.


“Dad! I hate school!”

Mesquite’s first day of school was so hard, and Timothy really sympathized.

Cassandra Goth

“Are you looking at me?”

For a while, Cassandra Goth came over every day, until we found out that this gloomy, evil Sim broke our dollhouse every time she visited!


“Man the decks!”

Mesquite was a hit at the park. He had all the kids laughing and moved everybody into playful moods.


“Excuse me. I feel a little tingly…”

In the middle of playing pirates, Paris got off the ship and transformed into a teen. How convenient that Acacia was nearby!


“Hey, are you Mesquite’s sister?”

Soon, time being the demon that it is to all legacy families, Cedar had a sea change of her own to suffer.


“Wow! That was sudden!”

She still looks great.


“Each laugh line is a laugh worth laughing!”


“I never wanted to be old and alone!”

One day, when the kids got home from the park, Cedar and Timothy were already asleep. Usually, when Cedar sleeps, she laughs and giggles in her sleep. But this night, she was whimpering. She was so sad! And she was alone in bed.


Sometimes, a loner likes to sleep alone.

Cedar and Tim

“Now this is better!”

Timothy had slept in Acacia’s empty bed. As soon as I moved him back into the second-best bed with Cedar, she began to laugh and smile in her sleep again.


” Not bad for an old man!”

Soon it was Timothy’s turn to age up. He was sad because I didn’t throw him a party. Being the loner that he is, I thought I was doing him a favor. Turns out I was wrong–I guess even loners like parties!

Cedar and Paris

“Are you sure you’re interested in joining a legacy family?”

Paris started hanging out a lot. Cedar’s not sure what to think of him.


“Don’t mind me, kids. I’m just enjoying a little evening air.”

And Timothy manages to always keep an eye out when Acacia and Paris are spending time together.


“Hmmm. I’m just not sure what that kid is up to.”

"Oops!  Didn't you say this was the door to rec room?"

“Oops! Didn’t you say this was the door to rec room?”



Paris, in addition to being neat, is a hot-head. I’m not sure I’m read for a hot-head in the family.


“Don’t forget I’ve got a tender side, too”

It’s a little creepy to me that while Acacia napped in the bath, Paris read romance novels while sitting on her bed.

Cedar and Acacia

“Honey, have you really thought carefully about the type of man you want to end up with? If you choose your soulmate, love is forever, after all.”


“So, what about bananas? Are they as big as everyone says they are? (Oh, god! I can’t believe I said that. And I’m in my undies. And I’m sitting on my sister’s bed! Oh, god! Just let me hide from the world!)”


“I’m such a good kid, cleaning up the dishes!”


“Oh, yeah! Who’s the chef?”

Thanks to the astronaut reward-goodies, these kids are confident in the kitchen!

Timothy and Acacia

“Sis, let’s be BFFs!”

Cedar and Tim

“Timothy, it’s not just for my aspiration. It’s for the sake of romance itself.”

Acacia and Mesquite become BFFs so he can reach level 3 of social butterfly, while Cedar and Timothy complete the last date needed for her soulmate aspiration.


“Oh, yeah. I’m rocking this leopard print!”

Acacia strode towards adulthood, sporting this great outfit that she chose herself.


“Yes, indeed. Life is sweet!”

At one rocking party, Acacia became an adult, and Mesquite became a teen. He rolled, what? Music-lover as his trait–ok, makes sense. But “Friend of the World” for his adult aspiration? Like I said, this is one brave loner who meets his demons straight on. Fear of strangers? Bring it on! Social embarrassment? Not an impediment!

Acacia rolled “self-assured” as her adult trait, which makes quite a lot of sense, actually, since she spent much of her childhood and teen years in the confident mood. So she’s a self-assured, loner genius, with the aspiration of nerd brain. It fits her! We’re not sure yet who’s the heir, since this is an exemplar legacy with goofball as the family trait. We’ll have to wait until Mesquite’s birthday before we find out if it will be him or the first-born.

Mesquite and Acacia

“Well, sis. The world is our oyster!”

Timothy uses the bonsai to express his views on life as a legacy co-founder.


Bonsai humor