An Homage to Timothy and Cedar

I couldn’t have asked for better founders.

Cedar: Loves the outdoors, goofball, creative. Aspiration: soulmate (fulfilled). Career: Astronaut


“I love life!”

From her first day on the big empty lot, Cedar was full of joy, hope, and inspiration! Her bouncy walk took her across that empty lot in no time. She always had a joke, a song, or a word of encouragement for her family, and always had a gesture of romance for Timothy.

By the time he became a teen, her son Mesquite autonomously liked to complain about his problems–or about everything–to others. (I’m to blame, for when he was upset as a kid, I directed him to do that since it made him feel better.) Most people didn’t mind. But Cedar couldn’t stand it. “Ah, ah, ah!” She’d say. Then she’d scold him about complaining, explaining that one always had to look on the bright side and be strong. Now that’s a founder’s attitude!

Timothy Milton: goofball, loner, family-oriented. Aspiration: Successful Lineage (level 3). Career: Stay-at-home dad and home handyman/gardener

angry Tim

Angry Tim.

Timothy. What a lucky pick he was! He passed on the loner trait to his kids (thanks to lucky rolls through Pinstar’s random trait generator), which is fine by me, since, being a bit of loner myself, I love to play loner Sims.

From the moment I brought Cedar home to find him autonomously cleaning the shower, I knew we did right in asking him to move in.

Cleaning house

He cleaned and fixed so many things around the house! I love how he always got angry when he saw the trash pile that was generated from fixing household appliances.


“What? I just fixed that! Now I’ve got to clean this up?”

And I love the way he expressed his moods through trimming the bonsai.

photo of bonsai

Self-expression. bonsai style


Bonsai humor

Together, they were magic.

Timothy initiated the romance by autonomously giving Cedar a rose.


“For you. It’s not nearly as beautiful as you are.”

Cedar and Timothy

“I’ll love you forever.”

They were always flirting, blowing kisses, whispering to each other. This was an autonomously sizzling romance, and it didn’t hurt that to fulfill her soulmate aspiration, I had to direct Cedar to perform over 200 romantic interactions with Timothy. That just further reinforced into her AI the urge to flirt!

wedding kiss

True love.

Acacia, Mesquite, and I share many happy memories of Timothy and Cedar. Tim, though you didn’t achieve level 4 of Successful Lineage in your lifetime, you have established a successful lineage. And may the Maxis gods help me successfully continue what you and Cedar started through ten generations.

Tim and Cedar

Together forever.