Reflections Midway through Generation Two

The other night, I thought I’d take a break from legacy-playing and play my other game, which I hadn’t touched since I started the legacy. I was looking forward to the freedom of non-legacy game-play: Long life span! Motherlode! Time to wander and explore and meet Sims!

I played my boyfriend’s SimSelf (who looked really dapper in a suit–why was he in a suit?). I motherloded and motherloded! I got him a cool new house from the gallery and loaded it with the best bed, the best toilet, the best shower, the best stove, the best fridge and loads of electronics. Then, I sent him through the neighborhood to meet neighbors.

And all I could think about was my founder who (at the time) was still alive. I lasted 10 minutes before I had to go back to the legacy.

There’s just something about playing towards an end and within such strict limitations!

Plus, this next generation is like something I’d never create on my own, and I can’t wait to see how they develop!

Romance Issues

It was so easy with Cedar and Timothy–I didn’t realize how good they had it! Their kids just won’t engage in romantic activities! In my style of play, I generally leave the really big decisions, like who to flirt with, who to ask to move in, when to have kids, as much as possible to my Sims. I just don’t want to make those decisions for them.

But Acacia and Mesquite just don’t seem interested in romance! I may have to resort to a little more influence than I like to.

This really makes me appreciate the true love romances that do sometimes occur with Sims–the autonomous flirts, the stalking, the looks! And it also makes me appreciate the quirky uniqueness of this second generation of Boughs.

In Sims 3, my Sim self, who I played in lots of different games, really had a thing for Anoki Moon in college. In one game, she married him. They had great kids. Even though he was a hot-head, he never was mean to her or to their kids. In another game, they moved in together, then he messed around (autonomously) with someone else, and once they made up from their really big break-up, they just went back to being friends and room-mates. They even lived together once both of them got together with their other spouses/significant others.

In one game, my Sim self would cheer every time she saw Anoki. They never became more than friends, but every time he was around, she’d follow him, then cheer and dance around. She was so excited–biggest Sim crush I’ve ever seen!

So, now I can hardly wait for tonight’s game-play session. I am ready for that fiesty Acacia to meet somebody that lights her up from within.