His Royal Cuteness Steps In to Help Out

Palo Verde

Love the hat!

Palo Verde was cute from the moment he burst out of the bassinet.

With four adults in the family, he received a lot of love and affection as an infant.



It’s fitting that his childhood trait is outgoing. And, with a genius nerd-brain for a mom, it also fits that he wants to be a whiz kid.


“What’s Pi?”

At this point, we were all on a mad dash to see which Sim could bring his or her aspiration point total to 1500 so we could buy the anti-aging potion for Acacia.

When she became pregnant, I had her buy steel bladder, wanting her to be a little more comfortable during pregnancy, and I completely forgot that she needed anti-aging instead, since Kyler is still a very young adult–it was just too soon for her to become an elder!


I worked this poor baby so hard racking up reward points that he barely had enough energy left over for the work day.

Mesquite came through with the points, just in the nick of time, and I felt so grateful that I wanted to help him out a little with his life and happiness.

Poor Mesquite has really had a hard time meeting somebody with whom he could share his romantic nature.

I’d been watching him and Paris together–the spontaneous hugs, the dancing in close proximity, the secret conversations in the bathroom. So I thought something was going on between them, and they just needed a little nudge.


“Let’s get it on…”

During chess, I prompted Mesquite to confess his attraction to Paris.


“Yeah, she’s making me do this, you know.”

That was an awkward conversation!

Paris and Mesquite each had thought bubbles with the other’s image and a line drawn through it.

Ok! Ok! I get the message! I won’t ask, and you don’t have to tell. Maybe some things are best left in the closet. Not that it really matters.

It was clear that they were “just good friends.” And then, they started avoiding each other and became “just friends.”

Mesquite had never really met anyone that he clicked with, and seeing Acacia so happy with Kyler, he started to feel like he was missing out. He rolled whims to propose going steady with someone, to woo-hoo, to use bold pick-up lines, to practice pick-up lines, to level up in charisma.

He had a really good woman friend that he was very compatible with, only I spied her flirting with another of his female friends in the bathroom.


What is it about this bathroom that elicits illicit same-sex interactions?

PV’s cuteness and all-around gregariousness gave Mesquite a brilliant idea.


“What do you say, PV? Do you feel like meeting someone new?”

Time to go out to see who we can meet. And who better to help break the ice than Palo Verde? A cute nephew is a sure magnet for a good-hearted, good-natured woman!

The first woman we saw seemed interesting. She was painting! That’s a good sign.


“Hi! Whatcha doin? Wanna meet my uncle?”

She was lazy, like Mesquite. So far, so good. And creative. Very good!

And a slob. Ok. We could live with that! Paris gets happy when he’s able to do some thorough house-cleaning.

We met another woman, too, who had a cute hair cut and was eager for conversation with a single man and his nevvy.


Cute hair! Looks like she’s checking you out, Mesquite!

When it was time to go home, Mesquite invited the painter to come along. It didn’t really work out.

The next day, he invited the woman with the cute hair cut, Anya, over.

They got along really well! She arrived flirty. She’s ambitious. Ok. Not my favorite trait, but I can live with that. No deal breaker.


“I really want to get somewhere with my life!”

She’s family-oriented. Ok, good. Not a trait I personally relate with, but one that works out really well for legacy families. She won’t break Mesquite’s heart.


“Do you like big families?”

She’s a glutton. What? I didn’t even know that trait existed!

Oh, well. Mesquite really seems to like her.


“Ooooh. I really needed this.”

Um… warning signs. Maybe a little *too* eager?

After their first date, Mesquite rolled the whim to propose to go steady with somebody.


Psycho girlfriend alert!

The both seem, err, really happy.

After this, Mesquite wanted to spend some time alone in the observatory, and I wasn’t one to begrudge this loner a little solitude. He likes to savor his emotions alone.


“Another day. Another friend!” Wait, PV! You’re a whiz kid, remember?

Palo Verde, with all his cuteness and friendliness, is a great kid. I have no idea how I’ll get him to sit still long enough to read three books on his own, which he needs to do to move up in the whiz kid aspiration, but he’s cruising with his social, motor, and mental skills.

And his outgoing energy really brings a spark of life into this family of loners!


“Remember the other night? Well, I think we made something special one more time.”

Acacia is expecting again–Kyler was just a little too happy that she was able to have another go through her adult years, postponing elderdom for a while longer.


“Oooh! Acacia! You’re big and round like Dino when you’re preggers!”

Paris is all affection, that is, when he’s not busy weeping over the doll house that he’s destroyed.


“Who could do this?” You broke it, needle-nork. You fix it.

He breaks it: he gets a sad moodlet from broken dollhouse AND a happy moodlet from having broken it, and then when he fixes it, he gets that happy moodlet from fixing it. Lose-win-win = a win over all.

I still think he’s weird.


Gratuitous cute kid photo

And in spite of all the weirdness around him, Palo Verde is sometimes just happy to be a kid!