The Boughs Take a Short Break


It takes a lot of pondering to tell the story of five generations in a thousand words.

Updated 02/06/15

News flash: It’s just been announced that Madrona’s Story of the Month submission will be posted February 11. This blog post has been updated accordingly.

Madrona graciously volunteered to write for me the Story of the Month submission that EA has requested to post on their official Sims 4 website. (In case you didn’t know, “Goofy Love” won the Sims 4 forum’s “Story of the Month” contest. Thanks to everyone who voted, no matter which story you voted for! They’re all gems!) Madrona knows that I’ve been pretty busy, and I get a little freaked out by being in the spotlight. She was happy to take over for me.

“Don’t worry,” she told me. “I have the perfect vantage to write the submission. Remember, I’m the middle child of generation five. That puts me in the middle of the middle! Plus, my sisters are the ones with all the intelligence and the charisma, so I won’t be in the limelight. I’ll be like the storyteller behind the scenes–the eyes and the heart through which the story is seen and felt.”

I was grateful to hand the project over to her. She’s written it, it’s been accepted, and it’s slotted for publication on February 11, 2015!

Good work, Madrona!

During the interim, I had to face the question of how to continue with the Boughs’ story. I decided to keep playing them because I want to keep connected with the family and maintain the movement of their story. And I’ve written their stories as events unfold. I just won’t post them until after Madrona’s piece has been published. That way, the blog here will be in sync with her post when it becomes available.

All the chapters I’ve written in the interim are queued up, ready for posting after Madrona’s piece gets posted. So, watch for Bough Legacy chapters to continue starting February 11!

I have also posted more chapters of A Houseful of Hippies and I started two new stories, Playable and Dr. Jasmine’s Casebook, while on break. See? Taking a break can be really fruitful!


“Who will notice me in the middle of my two amazing sisters?”