The Eulogy of the 1,000 Mommies

This post transcribed from an audio transmittal from the 1,000 mommies.

Drawn by a pure heart, we single you out as a child.

Sugar Maple

That’s Chandler back there in the cockpit of the spaceship.

We can see downriver–we know where this pure heart leads.


Joy like a river…

Does it seem like chance, that these children met you? That you and your sister and mother were moved from “Not in World” into a house?

Was it an accident that no other suitor was accepted except the one declared beloved on his fatal day?


Ted’s date with death

When one sees the river in completeness, when delta and tributary become one, then there is no coincidence.

We single you out as a child because we see you as a man, as a father, as an elder.


A good man, and a good father

How did it come to be that you achieved the height of your artistic career before earning a single point of painting skill?

We have ways of moving and removing blocks and obstacles.


Don’t look so confused.

We met the woman first, she who would become the single mommy. Two pure hearts are rare to find.

And yet nothing else would do.


We called her up.

We have for you two words: thank you.

What prompts us to send to your world this single soul through whom we talk? It is that which causes your heart to open, your eyes to soften.


Soft eyes make a good daddy.

Where we are, there is one single point of concern in this wide, broad galaxy. One planet on which we find that which divides, that which neglects the basic understanding that care of one is care of all.

How does this change? How do we reach through to help remind you of what you know already to be true?

Pan out

One planet, one point

Only through being here, but coming in through you.

A pure heart can carry new life without diluting the clarity of understanding.


The sympathetic pregnancy

Chandler. Twice we breathed the same atmosphere as you: once to give you onezero; once to return the affection you left behind.


That was a rough landing!

Do you know what it is to see a genuine smile?

For us, it is more than food–it is life.


It is love that makes a home.

There are places where one says good-bye, for there are places where the change in form means the change in all.

And there are places where we do not know the concept of farewell, for in these centers, you are with us, always.

onezero’s tears will not last. Do not let your heart be troubled. Now, when she hears the 1,000 mommies, she will hear your soft voice, as well.


Tears are not eternal.

Chandler. You have done what we asked, and more.

A cheerful heart brings to life a thousand smiles.


Chan, you have the gratitude of one thousand–and one.

Rest well, Chandler. And thank you. –CT