Bug’s Eye View

Ever wonder what makes a baby smile? Jeffrey Pine shares his view of the world.

Jeffrey Pine

Heyo, Mr. Elephant! What’s new?

I’m just lying here talking to you! Did you know what? I got toes! Lots of them!

Do elephants gots toes?

Jeffrey Pine

My daddy says toes are perfection.

My daddy smells like maple syrup and his breath feels like tickles.


I can hear all kinds of things when I’m lying here. I understand it all, too. Some people think babies don’t know how to listen. But babies always listen.

I heard my mommy say something that made me go, “Eep! Oop!”

Jeffrey Pine

It sounded like she said, “Nooboo!” But I’m the nooboo, right?

Jeffrey Pine

Of course, I’m the nooboo! But I won’t be forever!

And when I’m not nooboo in the boo-boo carriage, how fun to have another nooboo who’s got lots of toes! Right, Mr. Elephant? She’ll be the new nooboo!

Jeffrey Pine

My mommy feels like moonlight. She’s silver and silent, even when she whispers to me, “Now, nooboo, go to sleep.”


How can I sleep? I’m too happy to sleep! Can you sleep, Mr. Elephant? How can you sleep when you tell me knock-knock jokes all day long?

Jeffrey Pine

Listen! It’s my mom on the tinkling silver thing! Hear that? That’s the liquid moonlight!


That moonlight gets inside me like tickles! Everything sparkles!

Jeffrey Pine

My uncle Alder has the mischief smile. He says to me, “You are Mr. Mischief!” But I know, my uncle is Mischief First.


Do elephants like mischief? I think you must. Why else would you keep me up all night by saying, “Roar-roastaroo!” every time I start to fall asleep?

Jeffrey Pine

My uncle says he will teach me everything, and I’ll be Mr. Big Universe when I grow up. But what’s to hurry?

Jeffrey Pine

It’s cozy in the boo-boo basket, and I got everybody always coming around with coos and aw’s! I don’t even need to squeak! And I got elephant jokes from you all day!

“Why do elephants have trunks?”

I don’t know. Why do elephants have trunks? What are trunks, anyway?

“Oh, you’re no fun!”

Hee hee hee!

Jeffrey Pine

My aunt Sugar is my favorite. She feels like sunshine.

Jeffrey Pine

I got a joke for you, Mr. Elephant.

What did the sun say to Mr. Elephant?

“I dunno. Move over? You’re shading the rest of the planet?”

Haha! Nope. Nice try, though.

“What did the sun say to me?”

Nothing! The sun can’t talk!

Jeffrey Pine

I got the best family. I got hugs and food and cleanies and I always got a shoulder for snugs.

Jeffrey Pine

Ha! Life is so much fun! Oh! And did I tell you? I got ten fingers, too! It’s so exciting! I think I’ll stay up all night and count all the things!

Jeffrey Pine

One Mr. Elephant, two aunties, three… Zzzs…

Jeffrey Pine