Which will it be, Mailman No. 1 or Mailman No. 2?

Team Mailman

He looks kinda eager.

Next day, Aspen had off work. I suggested that we spend the day getting to know the two mailmen. We invited Niko, Mailman No. 2, over first, since Aspen’s eyes were for him last night.


“I like that he wears a hat, and his jacket has elbow patches. Cool.”

Willow was there to meet him. She takes her matriarchal aunt duties seriously.

Aspen was still all smiles. Feeling that he’d passed her first inspection, Willow headed upstairs to use the microscope, and left them alone. We tossed out a flirt or two when they showed up in the wheel of contextual interactions. The grins got grinnier.

After the usual amount of time, Niko had to take off. “Hey, it’s been fun hanging out with you!”

So we invited Lamont, Mailman No. 1, over. In addition to being good, he’s also family oriented and romantic! Now my heart’s moving over to him! Could he be the perfect spouse?

Willow made sure to meet this contestant, too.


“Looks like the circle of life all over again.”

I watched Aspen’s eyes. She likes Lamont, for sure, but there’s not that fire like there is when she’s looking at Niko.

Mailman No. 1

“Yeah, legacy families are all about… well, family!”

About this time, Madrona came home from the office, pretty in pink. It suddenly struck me: two beautiful young adult daughters. Two mailmen. Could this be the game-gods’ way of bestowing favor on the Boughs of Cradle Rock?


Love the way you put a fun spin on “Dress for Success,” Madrona! All we need now are biker boots!

Madrona’s fun meter was low–she’s not yet adjusted to working full-time–but she’s so friendly, she enjoyed talking with Lamont anyway. She’s impressed.


“Right. Those are the specs: family-oriented, good, AND romantic. What do you think?”

With Madrona chatting it up with Lamont, we decided to invite Niko back over. When he gets there, even though they’re just Discussing Interests, and one of the wiener-head boys’ sister has dropped by for a visit, we notice that Aspen and Niko are sharing a Suggestive Conversation.


“I am SO into robots. And team captains. And the latest movies. And, like yeah. Really. Into. It.”

While they sit down to continue their conversation about geeky stuff, I start noticing all these autonomous pink hearts floating through the kitchen.


Oh, my. I wonder if what he has is catching.


And if it is, is it airborne?


That’s what I’m thinking, too, Aspen. Exactly.


I guess he’s feeling it, as well.


“Robots, right?”

You gotta love young geeks-in-love. They just get so enthusiastic! Something about all those love chemicals jacking up their neural pathways, and before you know it, they’re geeking out about the silliest little things.

The kitchen has all sorts of focusing objects–not exactly intentionally, just because that’s where these particular career rewards randomly ended up. Poplar still does her homework there, so it’s not a bad thing.

But it’s not exactly conducive to romance. Aspen and Niko enjoyed the autonomous flirts, and I could tell she was having fun, but the focusing objects kept queueing up Use the microscope. Or the telescope.

We moved into Mesquite’s old bedroom, which is a sort of music room with a softer emotional feel.

Without the distraction of feeling focused, it was easier for Aspen and Niko to enjoy their flirtiness.

About this time, Aspen did something that amazed me. She rolled a whim to flirt with Lamont, who was sitting in the wedding chairs near the graveyard with Willow and Madrona.

Since this is totally Aspen’s choice, and I want her to be happy, we did a switcheroo. Madrona came in to meet Niko, and Aspen headed out to flirt with Lamont.


“Hey, your sister is really amazing!”

It was a quick flirt. No pink slivers. No floating hearts.


“Ok. Now I know.”

And when the “Flirt with Lamont” whim was complete, in its place popped immediately, “Kiss Niko.”

She just wanted to be sure.


“I’ve got such a good feeling about this.”


“Are you ready to have your life changed?’


Eyes softly closed, heart softly open.


“That was fun!”


“I guess you’ve got my zip code, Mr. Mailman.”

Aspen has always been so beautiful. And Aspen in love is stunning.


Looks incredible even when tossing out spoiled fruit cobbler.

And she sure knows how to make up her mind.