Lovely, Peaceful Days

With a three-generation household of seven, it’s not often we get to enjoy a run of quiet days when nobody dies, nobody has a birthday, and the most exciting events are a few low- to mid-level promotions at work.

Sometimes, we get used to the high drama–the spooky music and clash of thunder that announce Grim’s smoky visit; the whirlwind of courtship, marriage, and babies; the high suspense of waiting to see who, if any, will roll–could it be?–the much waited for, endlessly hoped for, trait of goofball.

And then, for a brief span, we move into a small epoch of peace, and the little joys become something to celebrate.


Sipping coffee after a moonlight swim–now that’s a sweet pleasure!

With quiet emotions, we notice that small victories taste sweet as clover.

Niko has written another children’s book.


“This one I call ‘My Pretty Pony Prances.'”

No, wait–he’s written two!


“And this one I call, ‘My Pretty Pony Prances Again.'”

And he’s received a promotion that’s brought this super-cool retro word processor. We like to use it to remember the old days.

Lamont, the only adult besides Linda who’s currently not employed, makes himself useful. As a family-oriented, good Sim, he rides a happy buzz when he helps out with little things around the house, like mopping up the puddle while Linda fixes the shower.


Thanks, Lamont!

Good Lamont has taken over for our former designated mourner, Willow,  and visits the graveyard several times a day. I don’t bother cancelling the action–Lamont feels it gives the ancestors their due.

And Madrona, making use of a lifetime as a video-game player, enjoys watching Lamont swoon with amazement at her video game prowess.


“I can’t believe you got high score at the arcade on a single quarter!”

Poplar has been rolling more whims to paint than she has to be mean to others, lately. In fact, while she still will sneak in an autonomous mean actions now and then (usually to her BFF big sister Madrona), she hasn’t rolled a whim to be mean in ages. And she’s keeping her hot-headedness under control, as well. Being an amateur artist and professional programmer seems to suit her.


“A bowl of salad–split complementary colors, natch.”

She’s racking up the promotions in the tech field, while completing many freelance programming projects on the side. Right now, she doesn’t seem interested in Mailman No. 3, or in any of the young men she knows, and we’re happy to let her enjoy the freedom and simplicity of being single. It worked for Willow–maybe it will work for her, too.

And Linda is still here! Her longevity trait has kicked in during the sparkly life-bar stage. She hasn’t even slowed down! She doesn’t sleep through the night anymore, preferring late-morning and early-afternoon naps. I have this idea that she just wants to enjoy every moment she can, so she’s putting off sleep, making do with catnaps, until the big sleep comes.


“In the middle of the night, there’s this whooshing sound that runs through the courtyard. I think it’s the songs of your ancestors!”

We love having her around.

Salix finds her grandma inspiring.

“What’s more important, Gran,” Salix asked her, “drawing pictures or playing on the jungle gym?”

“Both are good, kid,” Linda answered. “Right now, you’re stuck with that creative aspiration you rolled, so drawing pictures help with that. But I know you’re an active little tyke–you love exercise just like me–so you just finish up those creative skill points as quick as you can, and then you can be a rambunctious scamp and run and jump as much as your active little heart desires!”


“You ever see a milk monster, Gran? I’ll draw one for you.”

With long quiet days, Salix finds plenty of time to improve her creativity skill. Though she’d rather be running and climbing, she enjoys drawing, playing violin, and playing with the doll house.


Really nice bow angles there, Salix!

Aspen and Niko both enjoy the fullness of life together, in the center of their extended family. They both move with ease through their careers, household tasks and projects, hobbies, and time together. They’ve got ample time for all of it.

“Think maybe we might have enough time to make another nooboo?” Niko asked.

“We’ve got time,” Aspen said, “And we just about have room. Let’s wait just a little longer. There’s no rush, right?”

And indeed, at this moment, there is no rush.


“Wanna see if we can make another miracle, Mailman?”

Tomorrow, Grim may come for Linda. Madrona will have her adult birthday. Salix will likely complete her first childhood aspiration and beg me to choose rambunctious scamp for her next.

Today, we’re chilling, getting into the rhythm that happens when nothing much happens, feeling grateful for the type of quiet, ordinary days that often form the warp and woof of our lives here on this side of the screen. These are days we can feel grateful for–nobody dies, no big events need planning or completing. We’ve just got all the quiet peacefulness of life when everything’s going well.