Aries Moon

Many thanks to JordanNicoleJJ, whose astute interpretations of Sugar Maple’s sun and moon signs led to this post.

The descriptions of astrological energy in this post come from Stars Like You.

Sugar Maple Bough fascinates me. Ever since she burst out of the bassinet with her buzz cut and baby blue t-shirt, I’ve spent so much time watching her and looking for insights into her. As an ESTJ, her personality, in terms of the Myers-Briggs indicators, is directly opposite mine (INFP). She’s independent and assertive–so she shows me who she is, rather than waiting for me to discover who she is. Yet I didn’t have a good framework for understanding her until JordanNicoleJJ mentioned to me that she saw Sugar as an Aries moon. Suddenly, Sugar came into full, beautiful, archetypal view for me.

Here is Sugar’s natal moon profile:

Sugar Maple

With the Moon in the vibrant sign of Aries, you are likely to have a pronounced need for independence, as well as an assertive streak. (Stars Like You)

Sugar has always been an independent Sim. She is happiest when engaged in a skilling activity and left alone. When she interacts with others, she’ll always make sure that her view is heard. She won’t tolerate nonsense from anyone.

She’s the only Sim I’ve known who put a stop to Poplar’s meanness. She wasn’t mean in return: she simply told Poplar that enough was enough, and she wouldn’t tolerate verbal abuse anymore–not to her, her sister, or their friends and guests.


You are likely to feel at your best when involved with exciting, challenging or new experiences – anything that lets you express your pioneering side. (Stars Like You)

Poplar has always loved self-expression through art and music. For her, the challenge of trying something new in creative endeavors sparks an excitement that makes her feel connected to life! She takes this challenge of self-expression into her own life. She doesn’t copy anyone else’s style. She is herself, even when that means that her appearance, actions, and personality fly in the face of conventional gender stereotypes and expectations.

For someone like me, who loves independence, values self-expression and authenticity, and who simultaneously sometimes feels hyper-aware of others’ perceptions, Sugar is an inspiration. She doesn’t let anyone get in the way of her being who she is. In this way, she is a pioneer.

Sugar Maple

Your need for independence suggests you may be happiest when left to do your own thing, and will detest being told what to do. (Stars Like You)

This is Sugar to a tee. It may seem like she will allow being told what to do, for she has completed so many aspirations (all four childhood, plus, as of this writing, nearly four adult aspirations) that it’s clear that she will accept my direction. Yet she is driven. So when I queue up skilling activities for her, she dives in eagerly and will generally not stop until she’s ready–even if I’ve cancelled the activity. When left on autonomy, she naturally gravitates towards the skilling activities she needs next to complete the next milestone of her aspiration.

Sugar Maple

This is a sign of emotional independence… You are likely to enjoy the space to be your own person, and will feel trapped if others try to limit you. You may also be uncomfortable with sentimental displays, or what you may deem as ‘weak’ expressions of emotion. (Stars Like You)

While Salix and Sugar love each other and often roll whims to interact with each other, their relationship meter is not completely full. I attribute this to their different styles. Salix wears her emotions and feelings on her face–she moves so quickly from one mood to the next, and we can always tell by the subtle and not-so-subtle expressions how her thoughts and feeling flow through her.

With Sugar, I am often not exactly sure how she feels. She is not an open book. She keeps her emotions to herself.

Sugar Maple

You have an innate warrior-like quality which means you will prefer to deal directly with what is. Social niceties or protocols that mask the truth are usually not your cup of tea. You are likely to call ‘a spade a spade’, and be largely self-sufficient on an emotional level. (Stars Like You)

Even before JordanNicoleJJ helped me to see Sugar as an Aries Moon, I saw the strong warrior archetype within Sugar. She is so disciplined and direct in all she approaches.

Her direct approach and independence serves her friendship with Miracle well. As a gloomy Sim, Miracle finds great strength and support in Sugar’s emotional self-containment. Miracle’s sharing of her gloomy thoughts does nothing to shake Shug’s calm reserve. And Sugar is quick to point out when the gloominess is based on nothing but Miracle’s gloomy trait.

Sugar Maple

When you identify an objective that you wish to pursue, you can do so with an almost military-like precision, removing all distractions in your quest to attain your goal. You have the kind of temperament which thrives upon hard work and perseverance. The gusto with which you approach these goals can leave others in your wake.  (Stars Like You)

Sugar is awesome. Plain and simple. She’s the first Sim I’ve had to complete all four childhood aspirations. (Aspen and Poplar both would have completed all four if a glitch had not prevented the registering of their A’s in school.) Her randomly rolled aspiration of Mansion Baron was easy for her, as a gen 6 legacy Sim, to complete–the family is wealthy. Yet she went about it so directly–no nonsense. As a bro, she delighted in completing the body builder aspiration, and as a music-lover, completing the musical genius aspiration felt more like play than work. She’s taking a bit longer to complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration, for she skills slowly in logic–though she loves it. Yet she enjoys the focus that working towards so many skills provides.

Sugar Maple

Your emotional nature is likely to be such that you feel most invigorated or alive when you are starting something new. The energy needed to get something off the ground fires all your passion up, and gives you an immediate focus. (Stars Like You)

I think that we will choose Friend of the World for her next, so that she doesn’t have to worry about losing friendships to neglect. Her friends are important to her, yet she doesn’t always want to spend a lot of time socializing. So the reward trait from this aspiration will be useful to her. And then what? Will this Sim complete 11 aspirations? She’s happiest when working towards a concrete goal, so I am sure she will want to always be chipping away at those milestones.

Sugar Maple

You may have a peculiar blend of brashness, innocence and sensitivity which means you will say whatever is on your mind. Yet you can easily be hurt should others do the same…Like the proverbial Fool of the Tarot, you tend to leap in where angels fear to tread, possessing a courage to face the unknown which means you rarely question the road ahead. (Stars Like You)

Sugar is fortunate now in having around her those who don’t take offense at her directness and who also treat her with kindness and sensitivity. It was very challenging for Sugar to have her aunt Poplar around, for Poplar’s meanness was devastating to Sugar’s sensitive nature. With her warrior archetype and direct approach, Sugar does not appear to be sensitive. Yet she has an artist’s soul and is ever attuned to currents of harmony and disharmony.


You are likely to be most comfortable with others who let you be yourself, and recognize that there is rarely any malice or hidden agenda when you say what’s on your mind. (Stars Like You)

Because Salix is an open book, she and Sugar get along well. Sugar knows that Salix is incapable of hiding anything, and this helps her to relax with her. She also knows that, though these two sisters are so different in personality, they share the same basic values and a deep abiding love.


You will feel at your best when in charge of your own life, and in some way doing your own thing. (Stars Like You)

Sugar is sliding into the role of the caretaker of Cradle Rock. She is the grounded one: the one who loves to garden, who fixes what breaks, who cooks the meals. These attributes display her Taurus Sun energy, more than her Aries Moon nature, yet they combine well with her Aries Moon. She has all the room she needs to express her own style as she goes about her daily life at the Bough family home.

I’ve never known another Sim like her–chances are I never will. Sugar’s got her own style, and she wears it like no other.

Sugar Maple