Young and Clean

Maybe gluttons just like to drink potions at parties, and any potion will do.

During onezero’s first birthday party, no potions were drunk for the game began to lag-glitch, and then it failed to save, so we had to exit without saving.

New day, new party.

At onezero’s second party, she pulled out a potion before all the guests arrived and drank it.


“Aunt, onez. Those are bubbles, right?”

Only it was a hygiene potion, and onezero was still sparkling clean from her bubble bath.

While we waited for the “Smooth drink” moodlet to fade so that she might be inclined to drink the other potion in her inventory–you know, the white cup–we continued with the party.

Redbud had a marvelous time talking with her dad and Jamie. Jamie’s still a teen–we’re expecting him to age up any day. This was the first day that family had put aside their grief for Tamarind. During the grieving process, romance was far from Redbud’s mind. Now that her heart is lighter, she’s thinking she might be ready for the park boys to age up.


You can tell I was nervous about the potion situation: I forgot to put the walls up for the photo!

It had been a great morning for Redbud. She and Sugar rose before dawn so that Sugar could mentor her in fitness.

“Looking good, Red! Looking good!”


This is, perhaps, Sugar’s favorite thing to do!

After lifting weights, Sugar told her that she’d done it: she’d reached maximum body potential!


“Yes! I’m as fit as I can get!”

A short rest, a little snack, a little research of fitness techniques, a few more reps, and Redbud reached level 10 fitness: her body builder aspiration is complete.


Such concentration!

It’s part of my strategy to have each of the gen 8 twins complete body builder. I am hoping that Grim will come for no more Boughs. He may pay a few visits to reap family friends who stop by, but I think we won’t see him come for any of the residents before the end of the legacy. And once the legacy is over, the rules are ours to invent!

Alder, too, had an auspicious day, painting his first masterpiece, a landscape. Just the day before, he’d painted a small one that looked primitive, with blocky trees and bright, child-like colors. But after a nap and an inspiring conversation with onezero–and a slice of his aunt Sugar’s epic fruit cake–he felt the vision to be able to create a painting with depth and meaning.


He’s become so camera-aware. He’s always striking these poses and gazing out.

For onezero, her birthday brought happiness. She felt so light, now that her own and her family members’ grief had faded. A birthday bubble bath enhanced her playfulness–but she would have been playful, anyway!


She feels everything so strongly!

She feasted on left-over birthday cake for an early morning breakfast.

“I’m eating real food,” Alder said, “the chicken. We’ll be having cake later.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” onezero said. “We may not make it to cake! Who said I’m blowing out candles? I’ll have mine now, vadish.”


“We’re supposed to eat cake on our birthday.”

Redbud threw the party, and since she has made so many friends through her Friend of the World aspiration, we suddenly had new people show up on the guest list. It made onezero very happy to make a few new friends, especially women friends. Up to this point, since Tamarind’s friends had all been male, onezero hadn’t met any women outside of the family.


“You know, I’ve heard of this place. Everybody has. But I never really thought I’d actually come here!”

The second party wound down in the middle of the afternoon, and onezero still hadn’t pulled out her other potion. She made new friends, laughed a lot, and was feeling very happy. We still had a few hours before her age-bar would begin to sparkle, so we let the party end, left the cake uncut, sent everyone in for a nap, and then, as onez’ age-bar filled with Champagne bubbles, we threw the third party.

Same guest list, since we’d had so much fun at the previous party. But most of them couldn’t come–they were still tired.

But Clarence, the cheerful, loyal park boy friend, showed up. And while he and onez chatted, she pulled out the white cup.


Ah! You remembered what it’s for!

And with that, whether it’s simply a glutton’s way of enjoying a smooth party drink or a wise Sim’s way of twisting time, she drank it down to the dregs and stayed forever young. Or at least young till the next unbirthday!