Forgotten Art: Meadow – Dove 13

A reply to: A letter from Dove


Dear INWk,

I read your last letter so many times. The first time, I read it it just to catch all the news: You had a birthday! Your girls are teens and chose their names! You have new work responsibilities! You have a toddler!


The next time, I read it for feelings. There is excitement, sure, but I also picked up on your weariness. But there’s resolve, too, and strength and commitment.

You’re such a good person, INWk. You’re making such a difference.


Then I had to read it several times to comprehend the significance of what you’re saying, both about the world where we live and about the world you come from.

Oh, INWK, I am sorry that you feel the burdens of things not being right in this universe.

I had to let your words sink in a bit–I suppose I had always idealized your home culture as being so advanced, so peaceful, as being something that we might aspire to.

But I understand now that my view of the multiverse needs to shift. Oppression happens elsewhere, too.

I had to read your letter a last time to get past empathy and move towards compassion. By the time I got to your final lines, and I read your words, “I can’t give up,” I knew what I wanted to do. I want to help.


So that brings me to the question: How can I best help?

I talked with Mizuki. We brainstormed all the ways we might be able to help out.


I felt a lot better after talking with her.

“Somehow,” she said, “I don’t feel so discouraged now that I know we’re not the only messed-up species! I mean, maybe we’re blowing it here, but maybe everyone blows it everywhere, so as long as you and me and people who care do our best, maybe that’s all that’s expected of us!”


I talked with Jasper and Jena, too.

“Mom says it’s up to us to help her friend who wants to make the universe a better place!” Jena said.

Jasper laughed. He’s been through this whole thing, only with trying to make our planet better. And now he’s at a place where he says that you’ve just got to live, and live the best you can, with kindness, and that’s the best way to help.

But at this moment, he chuckled and told Jena that this sounded like a good mission, and if he could help, too, he would.


So that brings me to my point: How can we help with your efforts?

Here are some of the suggestions we have:

1) Financially. Right now, much of Jasper and my financial resources are going towards helping Norman transition the family business from wind power to solar. But we both have some other accounts that we could direct towards your cause, if that would be useful.


2) Can we volunteer? Mizuki has experience in education, and I’m gaining more and more experience and expertise in therapy. We’d love to help, if your project could use us.

3) Are there any more orphans that need homes?


We have so much room in our house and our hearts for another child. I feel I’ve learned a lot about making a home for a child after adopting Jena. She would love a sister. And Mizuki and I would love another child to care for.

Please let me know how we can help! If this cause is important to you, it’s important to me, too.

Your friend and ally,


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