Puppy Love 18


Dustin and Chloe needed little encouragement to create a family.

I felt gratitude for myself, and joy that Bobi’s line would continue, but Lucas felt the greater joy.  He’d be co-parent, friend, and companion to any future pup of theirs!


As for Chloe, she was enamored with her handsome, brave, idiosyncratic mate.


She wasn’t sure about his habit of nightly dips in the pool.

Come out, please? She whimpered, cowering.

I’m not done yet! Dustin barked yet.

But you might… drown?

Dustin barked a laugh. He was a strong swimmer!


The sun sped along its Milky Way orbit. The earth wobbled around the sun. We all spun, at ridiculously fast rates, through space, but since we were all moving together, and it all happened faster than we could comprehend, we felt that we were standing still.

Though we weren’t.

The passage of time brought changes. A new gardener.


A gray muzzle for Caleb.


Long, lazy days in the garden for his aging brother Crackers, with his stiff joints.


And then time brought a puppy to Dustin and Chloe.


Emery wasn’t sure what to make of his place as the littlest member of the household.


I don’t feel little inside! he barked.


I feel like a tornado!


Look at me! I’m Tornado the Twister!


Aaaa-oooo! I am the Doog in the Mooon! he howled. They call me Emmmm-errrr-eeeeeooooo!


What a good dog! With his head tilted to the heavens, and his curl of a tail, he reminded me of Bobi. Oh, to see the genetic memories, stored in the patterns of the newest pup!

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