HFH: That’s Plum, You Genius!

Cathy Tea

I was just thinking.

“You’re quiet this morning,” Tani said.

“I was just thinking about El–uh, everbody we met during Plum Days. I was wondering where they were and what they were doing.”

I decided maybe it would help if I put my green plum clothes back on–new beginnings and all. I spent the morning catching up on chores.

Cathy Tea

Part of celebrating life is fixing things when they break, right?

Emma found me in one of the upstairs bathrooms, repairing the sink. She gave me a huge hug.

Cathy Tea

“You’ve got to read this blog!”

“You’ve got to read Marcus Eugenius’s latest post!” she said. “It’s about Plum Day, and he nailed it!”

Now for my grade school essay on the real meaning of Plum Day:

I think people like to put labels on things to help us articulate it, but the “holidays”, or whatever one calls it or whatever one celebrates, is a celebration of love.

Love is you, me, God, baby Jesus, the universe, connecting, laughing, playing, woohooing, sharing, joy, peace, hugs, presents, trees, candles, or reflecting. It’s all of these things, none of these things, some of these things, and more.

Because love is just that big. It can’t be confined and it can’t be fully defined, but it is inside of us all.

The holidays are a great time to remember that we can be loved, but also BE love.

Plum Day, Week, Month, or whatever it is, is a prime example. It’s inclusive, without restrictions, and no judgement.

Just come as you are, bring what you’ve got, what’s mine is yours, and be who you are.

When does it begin and when does it end? It’s eternal. That’s what love is and that’s what Plum Day means to me.

Now, I’m getting a little teary too. lol

I found Forrest in the kitchen.

“It worked!” I told him. “Plum Day worked!”

Cathy Tea

“I always knew that idea was awesome, dude.”

This crazy hippie idea we had that was, in its essence, the blank that the censor provides when the word is not to be written–that blank expanded, exploded, burst out into a big plum blossom of love, and it has left us all standing here beneath it, transformed.

Or not.

Because love doesn’t demand that you change. It simply spreads open its palms, lets go, and radiates.

Very early the next morning, when only Tani was awake, a visitor came to our door.


“Oh, gosh. I hope I’m not late. It was so complicated getting away from home.”

It was Aya Ikeda, whom we had invited but who had a few issues she needed to clear up before she could make it. She’s a legacy child, so there’s all that. Fortunately for her, she’s a spare, but she still had to age up before her parents would let her come. She’s gen 6, so get ready for amazing.


“I think I’m going to like it here.”

She helped herself to a piece of pie.


“This pie smells amazing! I bet it’s made with organic home-grown apples.”

We shared a casual breakfast together, just hanging out on the couch and getting to know each other.


“I’ve always known that I was a spare, and it’s sort of been my life mission so far just to get out of the family house!”

She was worried that she’d missed Plum Day. But I told her about Marcus’s post and how Plum Day never really ends. Like love, it lasts forever, here to be experienced and expressed in ways as individual as each of us.


“So I didn’t miss it after all?”

“Stay as long as you’d like!” I said. “The B&B is closed for a while, but stay here! We’ve got plenty of room!”


That couch is the best place for a morning nap.

While the morning sun streamed in through the east windows, she made her way to the west music room and lay down for  a nap on the green couch. She looks beautiful and peaceful here, like she’s come home.

“What is Plum Day” reposted courtesy of Marcus Eugenius (aka @Robinsonfam)