Another Legacy 1.3

Case fixing a tv. The sky is so blue behind him!

The sky’s clear, and we’re all building something new! Several of us now, in the SimLit community over at the Writers’ Lounge on the Forums, are writing/playing legacies, thanks to DeiraShadeweaver inspiring us! Shadami just started one, using this same writer’s journal-gameplayer’s notes-storytelling style.

Case is happy while he works

For me, it feels like coming out of a long dark stretch, when all of my attention stayed tethered to keeping track of coronavirus news, locally and globally, navigating the cognitive dissonance of conflicting messaging about the coronavirus and the political situation, walking the tightwire of woof and weave in the ripping societal fabric, all while finding a way to manage working from home with, sometimes, overwhelming demands.

I spent the first month of working-from-home, when our whole state was in stay-at-home mode, writing poetry, a poem a day in April for GloPoWriMo. It helped so much.

And then, I stopped writing for seven months, except for the copious amount of writing required for both of my jobs. Getting through that time required everything in me, leaving nothing left over for daily writing. My breaks from work and household tasks consisted of sitting in the garden, doing yoga and HIIT workouts, and playing ESO. ESO sheltered me, offering a social haven with friends, guild members, and team-mates, and a digital environment that was my constant during changing times.

But maybe now we’re looking beyond these dark days.

Having clean air makes all the difference

Maybe we’re looking for something that will pull us through into the next whatever-it-is.

While I have an abundance of creative projects lined up for my first year of semi-retirement, I’m looking to the constancy and continuity of a legacy to be my thread through this time.

One of my executive-functioning hacks involves having-too-many-projects. This fires up my mind so I can avoid my version of autistic catatonia, which, in the past, has crept in when my daily structure loosens. The routine of keeping up the legacy posts offers me a lifeline so I don’t fall into that stupor I fear.

It seems that several of us recognize the therapeutic aspect of playing and writing legacies–we’re drawn to it, feeling that it offers something that we need right now.

I’ll be keeping an index of legacies and other newly started SimLit stories that seem part of this renaissance/reunion on the Contents page I create for this story–so if you want to keep up with all of our projects, you’ll be able to! And if you’re inspired to start your own legacy or big SimLit project right now, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to add your story to the list! I also invite you to stop by the Writers’ Lounge on the EA Sims Forums. We’re an especially inclusive and encouraging community–and we’ve been going strong for over five years, I think! One of my favorite aspects of this community is that we’re all free to come and go–members can drop out for weeks or months or even years, and when they return, they’ll be welcomed back as if there had been no absence at all. To me, that’s a feature of a strong and welcoming community. It’s a writer’s home.

But what about Case? What’s he up to in these early days of his story, and where are we thinking of taking this?

For me, the early days of a legacy are all about finding the Sim to help parent the heir and spare. So, we’re talking to everyone.

Bess comes over often. I still don’t realize that she’s with Jules, so I watch carefully to see what type of interest Case shows in her. He likes her fine, but he’s a bit more interested in his veggie burger.

Case and Bess talking in his tiny livingroom

(See his cute bike out the window! I love having him ride around town!)

Around this time, I discover that adorable Faye Harris (the hiking-boot-jean-skirt friend) is married to Cletus Harris. This is Cletus (in this very-dark-sorry-about-that photo below). I start making plans for Case to make friends with Cletus, you know, so they can be family friends, but so far, even in my playing ahead, it hasn’t happened. Cletus, though he walks by often, seems to be keeping to himself.

Cletus Harris, Faye's husband

Autumn progresses and the air stays clear.

Case finds that nightly bike rides help him plan his approach with his job. They’re making good progress in gaining support for the measures they put on the ballet. Several neighborhood, city, and state council members seem to be listening to their plans.

Case riding his bike at night

He’d like to be able to develop a few municipal projects, but so far, his supervisor isn’t letting him, directing his efforts more to grassroots measures, instead.

Case rides through the neighborhood, feeling hopeful

Case decides it’s OK. You get a feel for the community, first, get to know the players and the people, then you start thinking about how to make it better.

(Have you noticed that I love using hyphens to make big-long-compound-words? In German, so my boyfriend tells me, you can combine all sorts of nouns and adjectives and even participles to make a word. I want to do that in English, too, so, OK, I will!)

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