Another Legacy 1.4

Case meets Catarina Lynx at the Garden Center

The town voted to convert the community dump/recycling lot to a neighborhood garden center. It took a lot of work, and Case was assigned to be the Project Manager for it. He’d never worked so hard before–so many details, so many phone calls, so much to arrange and figure out, with late shipments and early deliveries, and mis-quotes and overall confusion. But at last it was done.

First it got a write-up in the San Myshuno Chronicle, then it received rave reviews in the Brindleton Times, and before you knew it, this was the place to hang out for people all up and down the coast.

The center had its own manager, so Case was given the freedom to develop other projects and plans.

Case works on the fabricator

He still drops by the garden center often. He can’t help it–he feels proud of this, his first real project, turning out to be such a success.

Living alone on his off-the-grid NGO-owned lot, he also found that the garden center was a great place to socialize.

Case meets Aadhya Mahajan

He wasn’t really looking for more than a friend, at this point, but that didn’t keep him from enjoying the type of attention he was receiving.

This is Aadhya Mahajan.

Aadhya eyes Case with a smile

I googled her to see if she was one of the new premades that I haven’t been keeping up with.  She’s not. She’s a random Townie. But I did get a lot of hits for facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for real life people with this name. How cool! Aadhya Mahajan The Real, if you’re reading this, cheers! Thank you for being a namesake for a very cool Random Townie in TS4!

Case’s current problem that he’s trying to invent a solution for is off-the-grid cooking. Sure, he knows there are solar cookers out there, but he’s looking for something different. He hasn’t yet come upon the right way to address the issue.

But it takes a bit of the joy out of grilling veggie burgers when the process sends up big clouds of black smoke. Maybe the trick lies in a non-carbon-based fuel…

Case is grilling veggie burgers again

Thinking back on one of my all-time favorite legacies, I send Case over to greet the mail delivery person.

“Eh, sorry. I don’t really have time to chat,” she says. “Union rules, you know. New Postmaster General. Things are different now.”

Case meets the postal delivery person

The boardwalk in his neighborhood always has plenty of people walking by, especially now that the air is clear and the water doesn’t smell like tar and rotten eggs.

Case meets a young woman in a fast-food place uniform

Case checks the air quality report. It’s nearly in the green zone now. You can actually breathe it and not develop cancer. If you’ve got asthma, you can take a walk and not die.

Case checks the air quality report on his phone--it's good!

There’s still tons of trash lining the streets, sidewalks, and boardwalks, but that’ll make a good next-project, Case decides. In fact, he’ll get to work on a ballot measure to put up for the next voting cycle as soon as he gets home.

Some of the women Case meets at the community board

As if she could read his thoughts, L. Faba accosts him.

“Weren’t you behind that energy-saving measure on the ballot?” she snipes.

L Faba yells at Case

“The organization I work for was,” he says. “I worked to promote it, yeah, but I can’t take all the credit for it.”

“Credit! Credit? Blame! Blame is more like it! You and your green types! Messing up this world! Can’t you leave well enough alone?”

“Stop,” Case injects. “We’ve had quite enough of ‘leaving well enough alone.’ You’ve seen what ‘leaving well enough alone’ has done to this planet. I’m not going to take abuse from a stranger for taking right action.”

Case holds up his hand to establish boundaries with L Faba

This gesture here, that Case does, holding up his hand to assert boundaries and prevent L. Faba from yelling at him, it makes me love him. I’ve only seen one other Sim do that when being yelled at by a mean Sim, and that was Sugar Maple Bough, stopping her aunt Poplar from indulging in abuse.

Case has had enough, though L. Faba is quite enjoying herself. This is the type of trolling she was after!

L Faba smiles as Case and another woman are so tense

“Did I hear that you were messed up in that New Green Deal?” a passerby yells, inserting herself into the policy disagreement, much to L. Faba’s delight. “You were behind that ballot measure to reduce power consumption and put people out of jobs? My DAD lost this job to that! You fired my dad, you lousy green bum!”

The other woman yells at Case

“Whoa!” Case replies, but what can he say, really? The answer isn’t that simple, certainly not something you can shout back to someone who’s yelling at you. What do you yell back? Yes, but you can’t stake it all on short-term gain when there’s the big picture to consider, and yes, a few jobs might be lost, for those who aren’t transitioned immediately into other positions, but, you see, we’re working on economic stimulus, too, only it’s a lot longer coming, but you’ve got to look at the big picture, which is really, this wasn’t sustainable, and who, if anyone will even have a job if the entire planet is uninhabitable, which it’s on the course to be, for sure, in our lifetimes, and maybe even in your unemployed dad’s lifetime, too, idiot, did you think about that?

He settles for, “Fuck!”

And marches himself back home.

Case, back home, swears out of anger and frustration

At this point, I’m guessing Case has secret hot-head trait. He swears a lot. Of course, during his early days (or day, really), his foul mood could be attributed to the smog and feeling generally miserable. I curse, too, when the air is that bad. And it’s understandable that he’d feel upset when strangers yell at him about policies and changes he feels good about and proud of, especially when they’ll benefit, in the long run, the very people who are yelling about them. But I bet that he also realizes it’s not that simple: this person’s dad did lose his job due to the power conservation policies that he and his NGO worked hard to implement. It’s never that simple. If it were, we would have stopped burning fossil fuels back in 1977. But wait? Isn’t it that simple? Isn’t that exactly what we should have done, bitten the bitter bullet back then, made those hard changes, then, so that now, life would actually be sustainable?

We put it off, claiming it was too complicated, and now, without doubt, the complications threaten to overwhelm us at an inconceivable price in biodiversity and even existence.

I guess if you’re angry, swearing can, at least, keep the grief at bay.

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