Drifter: Settling In in an Unsettled Way

What’s in the pollen in the flowers scattered through this one-horse town? Happy dust?


I’m not quite feeling like me, walking around with a grin on my face, but I’m starting to like the feeling of sore cheeks.

I’ve been happy since I rolled into town. Me. Happy. I’m not a happy guy.

It feels kinda foreign to be walking around with a smile sprouting on my face, like I’ve been supplanted by alien spawn. Inside me, there’s a smile even wider than that coursing round my face.

It’s not just the pretty women in this town.

It’s not just the green, green surroundings, some kind of sylvan glen for renegade hearts.

Maybe it’s me discovering that this vast empty wasteland of solitude within me is becoming settled, populated with friends.


My new pal Emma always shares some words of wisdom. “We don’t have to worry about culling! We live in a house! Besides, it doesn’t hit until generation three or four, according to my research.”

Friends. Me. The rolling stone. This puts a new twist on life.

When I feel like a little intellectual stimulation, I stop by to see my sidekicks Emma Bennet and Cathy Tea. Emma’s some kind of wunderkind genius, and Cathy Tea’s got this creativity thing on a roll.


“You know, Jack, we’re kinda short one bed here. But I guess we could sleep in shifts, or something.”

They’re nice Sims. Even though they don’t have much, they open their homes to me. I can crash on their single bed any time I want to, which, given how hard the bed is, isn’t all that often.

At the library one afternoon, I felt this woman watching me. We struck up a conversation. Seems she’s like the most influential Sim in the town across the way, over in the desert part of the country. “If you think the Sims here in Willow Creek are hospitable,” she said, “you should stop on by Oasis Springs to see what real Western hospitality is all about.”


“So, I hear you’re like some kind of up and coming best-selling author? I’ve always had this thing for literature, myself. I even read a book once.”

I took her up on her offer. She and Geoffrey, he’s the Blic-Bloc-playing dude I met in the library here my first day in town, they’ve got this fancy place they share with their son.


Didn’t look like their million dollar kitchen had been used much to make actual food.

It was all right staying there.


Tell ya the truth, I felt kinda lonely in that big house. Sort of empty.

I got along well with Geoff and Malcom, the son, even if he did creep me out a bit with his nudist colony ways. At home. With his mom and dad. And me, some kind of drifting stranger passing through.


This is what I woke up to my first morning at the Landgraabs’.


Then the dude follows me to the table for a breakfast of left-over burgers.


“You know, kid? I can understand if you’re feeling kinda lonely. This big house hasn’t exactly got a family kind of warmth. But I’m not sure that what you’re getting it here is the answer.”


They had plenty of extra computers, but they didn’t have an extra bed, and I didn’t really feel like sharing one with anyone there, if you know what I mean.

I’d been reading on some of the forums for drifters that back in Willow Springs, the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family really knows how to open their home to strangers.

Everything I read was true.


Dang. Who knew that little kids could be so cute? Or so smart? This little Olivia has got me wrapped around her finger.

I don’t think I’ve ever found a friendlier, more loving type of family, even if they are an extended family plus. I guess when your own family doesn’t quite fit the norm, it opens you up to be more accepting towards others who don’t fit the mold.

So, I’ve got places where I can crash. I’ve got the library to do my writing, and the grill at the park if I get too hungry. It’s turning out to be a type of a life that’s worth sticking with for a while. Might even be fun to have some friendly faces I see every day.


“My dad was an author! Ever read his books?”

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