HFH: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Plum!

For some newfound friends of ours, the Plum Day celebration is coming none too soon. In fact, they’ve arrived a few days early!


“So we’re just so happy that we found this big empty house to rent while our home computer is being fixed!”

Sarah and Mariah Nunley and their six foster kids found themselves without a home when their host computer started having technical problems. They were planning on coming for Plum Day anyway, but their computer glitches forced them to come a little early. Luckily, when Sarah emailed me about what was going on, we were able to find this big modern house across town for them to rent, with plenty of room for all the kids.

We’ve only met Sarah, Eugi, and Betsy so far, and we have so much in common! We’re really looking forward to meeting Sarah’s sister Mariah and the other kids.


I think Eugi’s cute! And these kids are so creative, they feel like family already!

The celebration is approaching so quickly that we’ve been decorating like crazy. First, we went over to the B & B and helped Dr. Jasmine decorate inside and out.


We get so excited when we see all the decorations that we just run around hugging each other!

Dr. Jasmine seems about as excited to have her house full of guests as we are! And it just takes my breath away when I see how beautiful and elegant the B&B looks.


The decorations are brilliant!

We all just stood around giggling.


I’m so excited!

Emma and I were so inspired that we got right to work on our part of the bargain. Emma painted a painting for the east room.


“I just find it inspiring to look out all those snowmen on the top of the pergola!”


We went a little nuts with the decorations.

And I was so inspired I started pruning the bonsai in the Sugar Plum suite (that’s the room with the double bed, so it’s where couples will stay.)

Sugar Plum

This is one of my favorite rooms at the B&B.

It’s so great to think that all our guests can hang out in this elegant and comfortable living room, reading and watching tv.


Yibz! I’m so excited!

After we finished up at the B&B, we went nuts decorating at home! Or at least as nuts as we could on our limited budget. We spent almost all our savings, and I was a little worried, especially since having Simoleans in reserve is important to Tani. But I sold some dragon fruit and spinach–our organic produces fetches a lot–and Tani and Gray brought home their pay at the end of the day, so I think we’re back in green territory once again.

And even though we spent almost all we had, it’s worth it.


“It looks like Christmas!”


“It looks like Hanukkah!”


“It looks like Star Trek!”

Cathy Tea

It looks like plum!

We’ve been making lists of all the activities we want to do! Tani and I want to serve a really fancy breakfast at the B&B. We’ll serve plum jam on scones, plum blossom tea, and plum spice muffins.


“This is great room for your fancy brunch!”

Emma and I want to have a few concerts. We’ll play “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and “Rhapsody in Plum.”

Dr. Jasmine

“A recital! How grand! Have it here, on my piano!”

Alex and I want to have a book club! Our reading list will contain all the works with title words or authors’ names that teh Forums change to Plum:

  • “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Plum.
  • “The Three Musketeers” by Andre Plum.
  • Shakespeare’s “Plum Andronicus.”

“This would be a good room for Cathy and Alex’s book club.”

Forrest wants to lead nature walks. “We can look for birds!” I say.

“We’ll look for frogs!” he says. “Plum frogs. Plum frogs plumming!”

“That sounds like a line from a Plum Festival song!” I laugh.

Plum frogs plumming
Freezer bunnies humming
(Is a llama coming?)
And a needlenork in a plum tree!


“We’ll find plum frogs!”

We’re counting down the days!

There’s still room for your Sims to join in the fun! Just upload them to the gallery with the hashtag #plumday by December 26, 2014, and they’ll be able to join our big massive Plum Day celebration!

And a needlenork in a plum tree!

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