New World Symphony: Squid


Fairy songs drifted across the meadow every night.

Remember, starlight,
remember us!

Search today
search each night.

Bring us home through meadow
or hedgerow

Hold it open
The curtain, the door

We are coming,
we are more.

The first infant that Jaclyn blessed hardly needed an elf-blessing to walk in magic, for Sempervirens Bough was born into a family of enchantment.


The baby’s ears were always open to songs too high for most to hear.


Her infancy, passed in the cool breezes of the meadow, bound her to the fairy realm, and in a family with parents and aunts who treasured a young one’s tales, she was not likely to forget their songs.


Jaclyn’s blessing served as an affirmation, a confirmation of Squid’s path and direction; rather than setting a new course for this young life, the elven words set firm the fairy way that she had been born into.


The years passed, and Sempervirens grew to be a strong and lively child, full of songs and stories that delighted both her parents.


Her mother’s jokes brought belly laughs.


And her father always had a ready ear for Vi’s own stories.

“We should plant bluebells, Dad,” she said.

“Why’s that, Little Green?”

“They make good fairy homes.”

“Bluebells it is, then!”


The three were bound together by their shared love of the outdoors. Each member of the family felt at home in the meadow or rambling through the woods.

For Sempervirens, having a mother who’d never lost the magic of childhood meant that she had a ready playmate, someone who understood that Tricer Triceratops was not merely blue plastic and metal horns.

In the evenings, the family liked to gather in the kitchen.

“So, what discoveries did you make today?” Knox would ask Sempervirens.


“I learned about blue!” Vi might answer. One day, she described how she’d hunted all through the meadow for everything blue.

“Blue things have the same buzz as the note C,” she said. “When Mom plays C on the violin, I hear blue!”


These evenings together were some of the happiest moments for the family.

“Can we make flower tea, Mom?” Sempervirens asked Cypress. “I want to taste purple and pink!”

“We could make flower tea!” said Cypress. “I think we’ve got some chrysanthemums ready to harvest, and maybe some roses, too! Would you like to taste white and red?”


Cypress found it inspiring that her daughter loved the garden as much as she did.


“Maybe we can grow elderberries!” she said.

“And bluebells,” said Vi.


Sempervirens’ favorite person was her uncle J. P.

“Did you get any new gnomes?” she asked him. J. P.’s store was known as the Gnome Emporium.


“You know,” said Knox, “if you and your mom buy all the gnomes, there won’t be any left for anyone else’s garden.”

“No,” replied Vi. “It doesn’t work that way. They’re what-do-you-call-it. Indefatigable.”

“We do have a good supply,” said J. P. “I think we’ve got plenty for everybody.”


It was Sugar Maple, though, who seemed to be perhaps the most mysterious of all her relatives. Often, Sempervirens would spy Sugar running along the periphery of the meadow, off towards the waterfall, perhaps, or through the long grass and flowers near the swimming pond. Sometimes, Sugar stood at the edge of the world and played her violin.

Sempervirens wasn’t sure yet what she wanted to talk to Sugar about, but she knew that one day, Sugar would have so much to teach her. She came across the word “apprentice” in her reading. And she thought that maybe, one day, if she were lucky, she could become Sugar Maple’s apprentice. It might be exciting to learn magic from the magician herself!


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