HFH: Home From the Festival

Emma and I just returned from the Robinsons’ Music and Art Festival.

We are so jazzed!

Once we unpacked, we sat around the kitchen table with our coffee mugs and told Alex and Forrest all about it.


“We learned so much, Alex! Really life-changing stuff!”

We both were so inspired, and we learned so much.

The most important lesson I learned was that it’s ok to get mad at a good friend, and it’s even better to forgive her!


“I was so mad at Emma! She scraped my painting!”

I’ve never expressed my anger much–heck, I’ve never even really felt much anger, mostly just tense or uncomfortable. But really feeling that iron-red steam building up inside of me, and then heading out and kicking that trash can! It felt so liberating! I’m not recommending it, I’m just saying that it can do a girl good to let loose now and then! You can read all about it in Trinity’s Festival Blog.

I was touched by what Emma revealed. “I always thought I was special,” she said.


“It was a lesson in humility!”

Alex was more interested in his blic-block game, but I got a new insight into Emma just then.

“You are special!” I answered. “Everyone who knows you thinks that!” Alex took off to change into his everyday clothes, and Forrest took his place at the table.


“I used to think I was just the most special of all the special Sims!”

“Well, I’m special just like everyone is special,” she continued, “just because we each have our own unique combinations of traits and skills. But what I learned was something different. Growing up the way I did, even though Mom always tried to keep it real, I just thought that I was… it embarrasses me to admit it. I thought I was the bomb. The best of the best and the brightest of the brightest.”

“And you’re not?”

Emma just laughed. “The GNC totally blew me away. Everyone knows that! Plus, I recently saw on the web that this other girl in the Wonder Child Project ate my score alive. She scored 112 more points than I did! And I thought I totally rocked that challenge with my 327 points! Both of these things really altered my entire view of myself. I felt insecure for the first time in my life.”


“Emma! It’s not a score that makes you lovable!”

I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at her, hoping that my eyes would convey the compassion that I felt for her.

“Trin really helped me turn things around. I mean Trin rocks, right? Like no one else on Sim Earth! Is she the best cook? Can she play piano or violin or paint or sing? Is she the funniest person? (Well, yes, but anyway.) Trin, just by being Trin, is absolutely amazing! And you! You’re amazing by being you! And you, Forrest, and Alex, and Googly Eyes, and really, oh, yeah, what about Malcolm? Well that boy is amazing. He could be a Wonder Child for sure. Anyway, what I learned was that it’s just in each of us really embracing our Simness and being ourselves that we become the truly amazingness that we are. Not by a score on a government-sponsored project or by blowing away everybody in the universe. Just by being us, in all the ways that we’re similar to each other, and all the ways that we’re different!”


“She may have learned a new modesty, but she and Trin totally rocked the Blue Velvet!”

Man, we learned so much! We’re talking life lessons here! We feel this well of gratitude within us for the Robinson family.

We put our heads together to think of a way that we could thank LeSean and Angela.

We came up with the perfect idea, and it would take everybody in the house to help us pull it off.

Thank you!

After we created our thank you card, we played a marathon game of hide-and-seek in honor of our hero, LeSean Robinson.

See if you can find us in the photos below. There’s one Sim hiding in each photo. (If you don’t see our striped shirts, look for our plumbobs!)

Where’s Alex?


Where’s Tani?


Where’s Gray?


Where’s Emma?


Where’s Forrest?


Where am I?


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