September 2015 marks one year of Sims 4 and one year of Sims 4 blogging!

We’re celebrating the readers and writers who’ve been enjoying TS4 SimLit for a year!

Let’s Throw a Party!

Match that Wish, and Raise You Five!

“Hey, I Know You!”

All the Beautiful Creative Hearts

Digital Soul


Many thanks to the participants of our blogaversary. These readers and writers shared their SimSelves and their words to help celebrate one year of TS4 blogging! Vadish, Simmers!

Cathrine Henry (simlady36 ) – SimLady36’s Blog
Cyazurai (Seraphaeli) – What are you even doing?
Debbie Van High (VanityHigh) – Vanity High Stories
eXoKamikaze & ninjapig – ninjapigsims
JRose (aroseinbloom) – A Rose in Bloom Sims
Jessica Brown (Jes2G) – Stories by Jes2G
Joel Rochdale (SummerFalls) – SummerFalls’ Stories
Jordan (JordanNicoleJJ) – Sims and Such
July Vee  – July Vee’s Sims Stories
Karen Wontothree (Carewren123) – Carewren123 Sims Stories
Laura Allen (capturedmuse) – 4th Muse
Manda I’llseeya (dougsbaby12) – Sim Tales Woven
Maria Wolff (CharmingMaruska) – Truly Curly
Marketa Plumbbob (ThePlumbob) – The Plumbob
Marty/Martymor (DavidMCSessy) – Sims on Paper
Meggles – MeggSims
Mia Watcher (marcellala) – How to Lose Your Ugliness in Ten Generations
Miki/Suzy Wong
Miss Penguin (BBQPenguinWings) – A Penguin’s Adventures in Simming
OJenn – Cookie’s Dough
RachelRosebud – Gather Ye Rosebuds
Rae Rei (ra3rei) – Raerei’s Fortress
Ren (Jufanzaly) – Ren Plays the Sims
Rorygilmore34 – Legacies of the Sims
ShannonSimsFan – Simdale Valley Post
Sunny Shay  – Hella Good Sims

In addition, we honored the blogaversaries of these two blogs, whose Simmers were not able to participate:

Robinson Family by Marcus Eugenius

The Wolff Legacy by FloorRaisin